Where are you guys located?

803 King George's Avenue, #02-190.  Also known as "a five-minute walk from Lavender MRT" (yes we timed it).


I don't believe you.  Give me some directions.

Watch this video (1:22) or, alternatively, read the terrible text description below:

From Lavender MRT, turn left out of the station, away from the ICA building.  Go up the escalator and immediately turn right, at the McDonalds. Cross the tiny road - remembering to look out for cars - and cut through the newly-refurbished Kitchener Complex, all the while marvelling at the many food options available to you (this step is not optional). Cross another tiny road, and you will reach a lift lobby.  Go into a lift and press the button for level 2.

Exit the lift and turn right. Keep walking down the corridor, past the flower shop and into the older wing of the building. At the second corridor, turn right and keep walking until you see unit number #02-190, located between #02-188 and #02-192. You have arrived at your destination.


How can I get there by car?

If you're taking a taxi, stop at Jalan Besar Stadium, just outside the entrance to the People's Association building.  Facing away from the stadium, cross the zebra crossing and walk into the space - it kinda looks like a back alley of some sort - between the two blocks.  Walk past the coffee shop on the right and keep walking until you come to a set of residential elevators, which you should pointedly ignore.  Instead, turn right at the elevators and look for the goods elevator.  Take that to level 2, and when you exit the elevator turn left into the corridor.  Unit #02-190 is located between #02-188 and #02-192.

If you're driving, there's a multi-storey carpark nearby.  I think.  What, do I look like I can afford to drive?  Psch.


Argh, it's raining!  What now?

Don't worry, all routes described above are 100% sheltered and wheelchair-friendly. Except for the one for people taking a taxi. You've got to make a short run in the open for that one.


What can I do there?

What can't you do there?  ...OK, that's actually quite a long list, so never mind. We sometimes have stuff going on, so check our main page for any such announcements. On the days that we have nothing planned, you're free to come down to play games with our staff and other visitors.


What are your charges like?

$4 per hour, to a maximum of $12 per day. Yes, we will chase you out when we're closing. No, you can't stay overnight here, but there are several hotels nearby (almost within spitting distance) that you can acquire lodgings at if you do not wish to be too far away from us when we are closed.


What are your opening hours?

We open from 6pm to 11pm on weekdays, and from 12pm till 11pm-ish on weekends.  We're also closed on Wednesdays because, while we don't have the Monday blues, nobody sane likes hump day.  On the rare occasions that we're running a special closed-doors event, we may not accept walk-ins, so make sure you check out our main page.

Here’s a helpful flowchart!


Do you have a list of all your games?

Unfortunately no, but if you visit our Instagram page, you can see a small selection of some of our favourites. Alternatively, if you're asking about a specific game, why not drop us an email? We like emails. Emails are great. Mmm. Emails.