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Monday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • stopped by a port town to procure more meat for the raven, and so that the ship may restock and resupply. In town, they heard a bunch of merchants offering a reward of 200gp for anyone who can deal with a nearby giant terrorising the town, and the party decided to take the job.
  • met the giant, who was not only stupid but also extremely proud and touchy. After some shenanigans involving sheep, the giant agreed to accept three "coins" (actually large circular stones mined from a nearby quarry) in exchange for a quartz crystal he had in his pouch and leaving the town for a holiday elsewhere.
  • collected their reward and returned to the ship with a bunch of sheep in tow, that the raven might be able to eat its fill.
  • travelled along the coast for a couple of days when they met a friendly young bronze dragon who "wanted to show them something cool". After agreeing to see it, the dragon flew away and returned with a skeleton - with all of its bones sewn together by silver thread - robed in purple. Midway through the wizard casting Detect Magic on the robes, the dragon got bored and flew away.
  • discovered that the robes were magical.
  • decided to tie the skeleton to the figurehead.
  • made good headway towards Iskar when they were stopped by an all-white ship captained by a man in an iron ruby circlet and a skeleton crew. The man steps on board the ship and, after inspecting their hold and warning them that all magic items - such as the robes that the dragon gave them - sold in Iskar was subject to a 10% tithe (payable at the Castle to the King), left without bothering them any further.
  • is now just a week away from Iskar.
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