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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • were tasked by the Temple of Vuloas to kill the three remaining high-ranking priests of the Temple of Cracix. The Vuloasian priests have arranged for the party to meet the Cracixian priests in a small tavern, and the party is supposed to kill every last one of them.
  • poisons the wine of one of the priests. When the other two realised what was going on, he tried to cast Lesser Restoration on himself, but the party's cleric Silenced him, making him fall to the ground dead. This left the party to deal with a single dwarf cleric and the two paladins accompanying him.
  • fought valiantly and was about to kill the last of them when the sole survivor, a corrupted Paladin of Cracix, broke from the fight and fled. The party tried to kill him in the streets, but he managed to shrug off the last of their spells and escape, disappearing into the warrens of the Undercity.
  • had the soul of the warforged trapped within one of the paladin's greatswords during the fight.
  • returned to the Temple, who offered to draw the warforged's soul out of the greatsword and return it to his body in exchange for the promised reward. The party agreed, and the clerics of Vuloas performed the necessary rituals to resurrect the warforged.
  • took the Temple up on their offer to send them away from the city for a while, "until things cooled down". They left on a caravan headed towards the dwarven mountains. On the way, the wizard received a message from the Earl Drandeur asking her to guide the party towards Biblos, where they may investigate "the trouble brewing there".
  • met a pair of agitated hippogriffs along the way, when they decided to investigate the commotion (and hopefully steal some baby hippogriffs to hide). There, they found a young green dragon wantonly killing baby hippogriffs in front of their furious but otherwise helpless parents.
  • decided to attack the dragon, who turned around and knocked most of the party out with a single breath attack. The sole survivor of the attack, the cleric, fell to his knees and decided to surrender, at which point the dragon agreed to let them go free if they would serve him in all things.
  • agreed to serve, and their souls were all branded with the dragon's mark. The wizard was the only one who escaped this fate, having fled immediately after casting a single Fireball at the dragon.
  • decided to walk back towards civilisation after that harrowing encounter. Along the way they met a bunch of traveling knights from Caburh that the dragon told the party that they had to rob: not kill, but rob. The cleric challenged the knights to a drinking contest, and when the knights all eventually fell asleep, the rogue stole 500gp (with an accompanying letter stating that the money is for an orphanage in Caburh) from their saddlebags.
  • stole the knights' four warhorses as well, after stripping it of its distinctive barding. Rode at full speed through the night towards the nearest town of Biblos.
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Sunday Campaign
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