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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • was attacked by a manticore that badly hurt some of the party, but they managed to chase it away before it could do any real damage (or steal any more crew). As the wounded manticore flew away from the ship, the bard cast Sleep on it, causing it to plummet into the ocean where it quickly drowned.
  • continued sailing towards Iskar, where the journey was smooth for the most part. A few days to the port city, however, the ship was hailed by an all-white ship with black sails captained by a man in an iron ruby circlet. Upon seeing the ship, the captain froze and told the party that they could not let the man board their ship.
  • was told that the man was a representative of the King in Purple, and that the captain was smuggling some contraband into the city for the Circle of Weejas that must not be found. The party agreed to help the captain, and a fight quickly broke out. Thanks to the wizard's Warding Wind, most of the skeleton crew's arrows went wide, and after a few harrowing encounters, the party managed to evade the white ship, albeit with some fire damage.
  • spoke to the captain and showed her the letter that was intended for the King in Purple. The moment the captain broke the seal, however, a black smoke escaped and immediately started choking the captain, causing her to drop dead almost immediately. As she fell to the decks, her necklace came loose, breaking the enchantment and revealing the fact that she was a half-orc all along and not just a very ugly woman.
  • investigated the captain's quarters, where they found crates upon crates of what seemed to be a clear liquid of some sort. They also found a small fiery creature trapped within a conjuration circle, and a scrap of paper telling them where the crates were supposed to be delivered.
  • took charge of the situation and reassured the ship's crew that they were still going to make it to Iskar: all they have to do is deliver the goods to the address and everyone will be paid as was formerly agreed.
  • had their barbarian assigned as the new first mate of the ship, while the former first mate takes over as the new captain.
  • have now travelled 29 out of 35 days so far.
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