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Friday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • made some headway towards Iskar when they were beached on a sandy bank and attacked by a pair of watery tentacles. The party eventually manages to drive them away and, using the oars, row themselves off the bank.
  • found a strange haze in the middle of the sea that, when approached, teleports them off the world and into another dimension. The ship is no longer on the sea but is now on a river. Unfortunately, thanks to mishandling from the crew, the ship has been beached on the river bank and is now stuck.
  • was ordered by the first mate to scout out the terrain and return in four hours while the rest of the crew tries to dislodge the ship. The party decided to follow the river for 1.5 hours, after which they will turn around and return.
  • heard a massive boar stomping around in the forest.
  • noticed that the only landmark of the forest is a large rocky mesa, and that the closer they approach the mesa, the more the sun starts to rise from behind the mesa, and the more the forest begins to give way to jungle. The sun sets when they moved away from the mesa.
  • tried to climb a tree to get a better look, but the barbarian found himself cornered on the tree branch by a large panther who is not only intelligent, but also capable of speaking Common. He asks the panther where they are right now, but the panther demands food in exchange for information.
  • agree to provide the panther with fresh kill, most likely from the boar they saw earlier.
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