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Tuesday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • made their way towards the nearest city (which they scouted by climbing a watchtower). Moving through the swamp, they realised that the swamp is clearly unnatural, and that beneath the swamp was a layer of sand instead of dirt.
  • encountered a man - standing on air whilst wearing a iron sapphire circlet and holding a cast-iron staff - fighting hydra in the middle of the swamp. The party tried to sneak past the hydra, but one of its many heads spotted them, and they were forced to give battle.
  • dealt a fair amount of damage to the hydra, but by that point half the party was down. Seeing that things were not going well, the mage reluctantly decided to pull out a scroll and use Power Word Kill on the hydra, instantly slaying it.
  • stole a small amount of blood from the hydra without the mage noticing.
  • spoke to the man, who introduced himself as Nazzim, a vassal of the King in Purple. He told them that the King was offering land and knighthoods to any adventurers who would serve him, and that if they wished to take up the King's offer, they should go to the Castle and look for him. The party said that they would think about it.
  • retreated to a tavern and got rooms at 5gp per person per night. During their stay, an Animal Messenger flies to their window and tells them that the Circle of Weejas is offering any adventurers who wish to join them discounts on all future wares for the rest of the mortal life. Myxis (the only person awake at that point in time) pretends to fall asleep, and the sparrow flies off after telling her that if they changed their mind, they can register at Circle Tower.
  • got an introduction to a dwarven smith from the innkeeper, and when they visit him, they realise that he's married to an elf. After examining the rogue's mithril scimitar, the elf tells him that the only way to further improve the weapon is to have an enchantment placed on it, and that enchanters can mostly be found in the Merchant's Quarter.
  • quizzed the couple about whether things were better under the rule of the Circle or the King, and they were told an ancient Dwarven saying that, roughly translated, means "different shit, same smell". For the common man, things aren't really any different; it's only for the people on top that it matters.
  • decide to throw their lot in with the King in Purple.
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