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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • intercepted the shipment, which was being transported by a bunch of strange men. The party tried to do it subtly, but when their cover was blown, they attacked, at which point the strange men were revealed to be nothing more than a mass of worms in the shape of a man.
  • learned that Turn Undead causes the outer skin to slough off, and that although they did not hit very hard, they were very tough. If given the chance to metamorphose, the creatures will trigger an explosive sequence when killed that showers all nearby creatures with flesh-eating worms.
  • realised that, after the creatures were killed, the fighter, barbarian, and cleric were all infested with worms, and that of the three of them, the fighter had it the worst.
  • reported to the Temple of Vuloas with the elf observer in tow, who promptly confirmed the party's story. The (head?) priest tells them that they will handle things with the Thieves Guild and the Merchant's Guild from here on, but that the infested individuals have to be quarantined.
  • waited for three days, after which the quarantined individuals were told that nothing the priests have tried worked: they are still infested. Thankfully, the worms appear to have gone into a dormant state after burrowing into their bodies, but warns them that exposure to more worms will cause the once-dormant worms to burrow even deeper.
  • agreed to help the Temple of Vuolas in purging the Temple of Cracix of the corruption in exchange for 1000gp.
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Sunday Campaign
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Monday Campaign