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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • boarded the Sunfish, where they met their new party member: a wood-elf ranger by the name of Asher.
  • was attacked by harpies who, after knocking them out, dragged the ranger and the wizard to a cave about a half day away. The rest of the party gave chase, and when they entered the cave, they realised that it was home to a shadowy creature.
  • learned from the creature that harpies have already dedicated the souls of the ranger and wizard to it; if the barbarian willingly pledges her soul to the creature as well, it will return them to life, but the next time any of them die, the creature will claim their souls.
  • agreed, and the barbarian was instructed to grab the greatsword on the creature's altar, whereupon the blade turned and cut her palm, thus sealing the pact in blood. The creature tells the barbarian that the sword is now a symbol of their deal, and that she should take care of it.
  • returned to the Sunfish and resumed their journey.
  • was hit by a bad storm, but thankfully, despite a few close shaves, none of the party fell overboard. Unfortunately, a significant amount of damage was done to the ship, and the captain tells them that they are going to be docking at a port town for a day to rest, repair, and resupply.
  • have travelled 7 out of 35 days to Iskar.
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