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Friday Campaign

Last week the party...

  • returned to the Lich's Pride, where they decided to feed on five random travellers exiting a nearby tavern. However, this did little to actually sate their hunger and merely kept them alive for yet another day. Realising that this was unsustainable, they decided to seek out magical aid.
  • found a shopkeeper willing to sell them Cloaks of Twilit Darkness and Potions of Blood for 1200gp and 200gp respectively. When the party told him that they didn't have enough money, the shopkeeper offered them a substantial discount if they would investigate what happened to a friend's son.
  • learned that said boy was last seen hanging out with some urchins near an abandoned warehouse. When the party confronted the urchins, the urchins told them that the boy ran off into the warehouse's second floor despite being told many times not to.
  • investigated the second floor, where they found a flesh golem that they promptly dispatched. When investigating the lair, they realised that the golem was killing anything that went to the second floor and using their body parts to repair itself.
  • found a young tiefling digging around the golem's body. When confronted about what he was doing, the child decided to run. The party gave chase and eventually caught up with him. While the cleric held onto him, they grabbed the gem that he had taken from the golem's heart. Unfortunately, before they could question him more, the child Misty Stepped out of their grasp onto the rooftops and, after flipping them the bird, ran away.
  • returned to the shop, where they told the shopkeeper what happened and sold him the multifaceted gem. They ended up buying a handful of Potions of Blood and a single Cloak of Twilit Darkness.
  • returned to the ship, the Golden Scarab, and prepared to sail away under the command of a strange-looking bald man with massive eyebrows, a surprisingly intense stare, and a large gold nose ring. 
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