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Tuesday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • secured the future aid of the druids of Arcadia should they wish to attack the Lying Tree in the future. However, as the druids do not really leave their forest very much, the only way they can enlist them for future attacks is by returning to Arcadia.
  • made their way back to the docks, where they learned that a round trip - from Elysium to Ysgard to Mt Celestia before it returns again to Elysium - takes about half a year by ship. They also learn that the moon barge does not make any stops along the river, and that if they wish to board it, they will have to find some way to reach it.
  • returned to the forest, where they met a bunch of freshly-deceased spirits and asked them if any of them knew the way out of Elysium. A helpful soul told them that he knew of a portal within Arcadia that would lead them back to the Prime Material, but that they would have to face the guardian in order to pass through the gate.
  • fought the gorgon guardian and, although Luna and Rhys both almost got turned into stone by the creature's breath, they eventually managed to run past it and jump through the portal, whereupon they found themselves in a ruined temple surrounded by swamp and, presumably, back in the Prime Material Plane.
  • explored the basement of the temple, where they fought a flaming skull that was guarding a mithril scimitar. Although they handily defeated the skull, it constantly reformed itself on the hour, thus preventing them from getting any real rest. After destroying it for the second time, they decided to head out into the swamp even though they were all badly wounded.
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