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Monday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • faced off a pair of sea hags that slew the cleric as well.
  • eventually reached a cave that brought them to the Shadowfell.
  • met with a ferryman who stole a small portion of their memories in exchange for ferrying them over the river. On the opposite bank, they stole a pouch of five obols from a wealthy-looking businessman, but that attracted the attention of the Raven Queen's ravens.
  • was teleported to the Queen's citadel, who agreed to free the souls of the cleric and the wizard in exchange for recovering "a set of thirty-six coins that was stolen from my realm". Amused by their impudence, the Queen further agreed to teach them how they can undo the merrow's curse if and when they bring the coins back to her.
  • was given a raven to look after, which they have to feed some carrion every day.
  • paid the ferryman with the rest of the obols and one more memory (with the drow sailor being left behind in the Shadowfell). When they returned to the ship, they realised that their team mates were back with them - albeit slightly touched by their time in the Shadowfell - and that the raven was now perched on the paladin's shoulder.
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