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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • defeated the shadow demon within its hellscape. As the barbarian struck the killing blow with his greataxe, the wizard was able to bind the demon's essence to the weapon, causing its once-pristine steel to corrode and corrupt.
  • received reassurances from both priests that they will testify on the party's behalf, and received an invitation from the priest of the Temple of Vuloas to visit them again tomorrow. The rogue managing the warehouse, Burned Bill, also promised to testify on the party's behalf before the Thieves Guild if necessary.
  • rested up and, using the rogue's signet ring, sought a smith from the Merchant's Guild. They eventually met with a gnomish blacksmith on the 8th floor of Cliffside, who told them that he was happy to cover up the signs of corruption on the axe for free, but as per all guild work, he would have to leave it in the "usual place".
  • refused to leave the axe with the gnome and chose instead to hide the greataxe with some canvas instead.
  • entered the Road's End Inn, where they met the short person (that they had previously insulted by calling "gnome" and "halfling"). He turned out to be a reasonably high-ranking member of the Thieves Guild, and the party tried to convince him that they were innocent, and that it's the Merchant's Guild who is corrupted.
  • was told by the man that if they wished to clear their names, they are to intercept an unscheduled Merchant Guild shipment coming from the docks tonight at 11pm, moving through the Thief Tunnels. The man said that, if they were truly summoning demons in the city, this shipment would surely contain some of the ritual materials that they would be using since it's both unscheduled and travelling through anonymous sources.
  • revisited the Temple of Vuloas, who was holding a closed-door meeting with an assortment of characters from all walks of life. The priest introduced the party as the ones responsible for slaying the demon, and asked the party to aid the temple in purging the corruption from the Temple of Cracix.
  • agreed to help, but in turn asked for help in witnessing the Merchant Guild shipment coming in tonight, as further evidence of collusion between the Merchant Guild and the Temple of Cracix. An elf dressed as a ranger volunteered to go with the party.
  • It is currently 4pm, and the party has till 11pm to prepare to intercept the shipment.
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Sunday Campaign
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