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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • followed the imp to the cave where his masters are. These masters turned out to be three hooded figures with perfectly ordinary faces, but whose skin rippled occasionally as if there was a swarm of something moving beneath it.
  • was offered infinite power if they would join them and hand over the letter. The druid decided to betray his fellow comrades and took the letter from the barbarian, but the latter swapped it out with a blank piece of parchment right before he could hand it over.
  • was attacked by the imp's masters when they realised that the letter was false. The creatures were supernaturally tough and exploded into a swarm of maggots when they died, but two of the three eventually fell, leaving behind a simple stone tablet with nonsensical draconic text etched on its rim.
  • let the imp's true master flee with the imp.
  • spoke the words around the tablet to summon a demonic flame that grew eyes and a mouth to speak to them. They were once again offered power to join the demon, but now certain that the entity was fully evil, none of them were tempted; in mid-conversation, the barbarian smashed the tablet to smithereens.
  • headed out of the cave towards a nearby river. Camping by the bank with the druid on watch (as both penance for his previous betrayal and as a new test to see if he would betray the party again), the party was attacked by a host of wood elves who claim to be professional mercenaries working for the previous cultists.
  • gave up the letter to the elves, but when the druid tried to wake the party up, they peppered him with arrows from eight different directions. The monk, being the only one to have heard the druid's warning shout, rushed to him, but it was too late: he was dead.
  • gave the druid a watery funeral down the river, and decided to follow the river to the sea in the hopes that they would find a port village or town. Their hopes came true, and in the village's nearby tavern they found a ship captained by a muscular woman willing to take them to Iskar.
  • were warned that this ship, the Sunfish, would be taking a more dangerous route than most other ships. However, in exchange for serving abroad the ship as fighting crew members, they would each receive a share of any booty plundered from ships that decide to attack them.
  • before leaving, they were asked by a group of shady individuals to deliver a sealed letter to the King in Purple in Iskar. The group promised them more gold upon delivery, and the party accepted.
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Sunday Campaign