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Thursday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • robbed and slew the aasimar boy in a back-alley beside a tavern after the amulet was done stealing his dreams. After (badly) staging the scene to make it look like he tripped and fell, the party then traded the amulet for the night hag's surgical removal of the rogue's nightmares of cranium rats.
  • tried to leave the Night Market but was stopped by a group of gangsters who had received their descriptions. However, thanks to an impressive performance from the rogue and the bard, the gangsters were sufficiently convinced that they are not the people in the description and let them go free.
  • travelled to the Bottle and Jug, a fortress-like tavern manned by waistcoated Ysgardian trolls. At the entrance, they managed to convince the door troll to let them stay in exchange for entertainment, but they were severely warned that if they started any trouble between the demonic and devilish patrons of the tavern, they would be immediately thrown out.
  • performed a series of comedic songs about how gullible and stupid people from the Prime Material are, with a stand-up comedy routine in the middle thrown in for good measure. The performance earned them a fair amount of obols and the promised room for the night.
  • returned to the Gatehouse in the day, where they met with Dr Copernicus again. In exchange for some vard gum and for showing them to the portal to Limbo in the Gatehouse's basement, the party promise to either return with the flute or 50 lumes.
  • spray themselves with some perfume that the bard convinces the rest of the party is "magically enchanted to ward them against the dangers of Limbo". They enter the portal and, with the help of the perfume and some Bardic Inspiration, they manage to somewhat stabilise reality around them and create a boat that can bring them wherever they want to go.
  • sails through the elemental chaos of the plane, but the eldritch knight's belief falters for a moment, causing him to plummet through the hull. After being rescued from a brief keelhauling through raw unformed potential, the party surmise that the perfume didn't work on the warforged because he could not inhale the perfume.
  • docked at a githzerai monastery-fortress where they met with its zerth, an abbot-like figure. There, they learn that the stone flute is the centre of Pandemonium, and that if anyone were to play a tune on the stone flute, they will learn the secrets of planewalking.
  • offered the flute to the zerth, who refused because if the flute were to be brought to the monastery, it will eventually become the new Pandemonium. The zerth is also philosophically opposed to the destruction or removal of the flute because he believes that the secret of planewalking is important and should be preserved for future generations.
  • convinced the zerth to show them the way to Pandemonium, not because they wish to steal or destroy the flute, but because they wish to learn the secret of planewalking themselves. The zerth agreed.

This week, the party...

  • was given into the protection of a githzerai child known as an Anarch. The zerth tells them that the Anarch can safely lead them to Pandemonium, but because the only way to find Pandemonium is to not seek it, they must set their sights on some other place in order to find it.
  • travel towards the forested island of Pinwheel, but they were attacked halfway through by a pair of red slaadi. After fending off the slaad, they saw Pandemonium flying past them, and they quickly sprinted towards it before it could escape them.
  • told the boy to leave and, after plugging their ears with vard gum, they entered the tunnels where gravity seemed to be more of a guideline than a law: with just some small application of effort, they're able to walk on the sides of the tunnels as easily as they could the floor or ceiling.
  • met a crazy human armed with a githyanki silver sword who they traded the light wand for a couple of potions.
  • made their way through the tunnel, but they were quickly accosted by a pair of vrocks that destroyed most of the party. The only ones who survived were the two fighters, and they were the only ones who eventually made it down the well in the centre of a village where the stone flute was being held.
  • decided to have the warforged fighter "eat" the stone flute.
  • headed back out to the surface of the rock, where they realised that they had no way of leaving the rock. The dwarf fighter decided to take a leap of faith into Limbo, but the unbridled stuff of chaos instantly tore him into a thousand pieces before he could so much as gather his mind and will.
  • only had the warforged fighter left, who rowed through the chaos of Limbo on a small rowboat alone. Unfortunately, with none of his party left, he was defenceless when a wandering band of slaadi decided to attack him. As rock began to coalesece around him from the primodial soup to recreate the subplane of Pandemonium, the last thing he remembers - before losing his mind as the slaadi repeatedly inject their living spawn into him - is being cut open and having the stone flute removed from his insides...
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