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Monday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • each touched the crystal fruits of the tree, whereupon they found themselves in the Feywild with nothing but a road before them, and the back side of an ogre carting away their gnomish employer.
  • stopped the ogre, who told them plainly that he was headed to the Goblin Market to sell the gnome. Given that the gnome was caught in the process of trying to steal the ogre's crystal fruits, he is now the legal and rightful property of the ogre, to do with as it pleases.
  • followed the ogre to the market, which sprung up to life around them when they turned a half-circle widdershins. While the party shopped around, the rogue decided to take a short nap by a tree off the side of the road. This unfortunately lead to the rogue disappearing, and the party not being able to find her no matter how hard they searched.
  • ended up owing a bunch of individuals favours in exchange for an immortality fruit, a set of feysteel plate, secrets about the Iskari civil war, and the way out of the Feywild and back to the Prime Material, at a point "near Iskar". The rogue, in the mean time, sought directions back to the market from a tree off the path and ended up owing the tree a favour as well.
    • The cleric owes the fruit seller 1 small favour
    • The paladin owes the ogre blacksmith 1 large favour
    • The sorcerer owes the spell salesman (with five arms and a child's face) 2 small favours
    • The wizard owes the pixie 1 medium favour
    • The rogue owes the tree 1 medium favour
  • eventually met up, after which they all followed the pixie's directions - which was telepathically transferred to the wizard by means of pixie dust - back to the Prime Material plane. Stepping through a portal, they all ended up on a small deserted island with nothing more than a strange tree bent into an arch.
  • attracted the attention of a passing ship, who sent a male drow over to the island by rowboat to ask if they wished to enlist with the ship in exchange for a ride to Iskar. They agreed and met the female drow captain.
  • learned that the ship was called the Duergar Killer and that it was recently caught in a violent attack that wiped out most of the crew. They all signed an Infernal contract that bound them to the service of the ship until they either reached Iskar or until three weeks was up, whichever is sooner. The wizard was further offered a separate contract that made her First Mate, entitling her to a command position and preternatural awareness of the ship.
  • negotiated with the captain for a share of any bounty that they may earn along the way to Iskar. All booty earned hereafter would be split 12 ways: 2 shares for the captain, 1 share for each crew member (for a total of 6 shares: party + the drow male), and 4 shares for the ship's upkeep and maintenance.
  • sailed for a night when they were attacked by orc pirates. The boarding party was eventually repelled, but the party's wizard was killed in the process...
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