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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • decided to exit through one of the trapdoors in the Main Street thief tunnels.
  • discovered that trapdoor #6 of 11 lead to a tavern's larder, which they promptly went into and stole a bag of grain from. Primrose noticed a tray of coins beneath the grain and swiped that, and when someone from the tavern tried the larder door, they quickly fled back down the tunnels.
  • discovered that trapdoor #7 of 11 lead to a warehouse where they met Burnt Bill, a member of the Thief's Guild that appeared reasonably well-connected. Bill was willing to help them arrange a meeting with the underbosses if they had some evidence, but he was not willing to help them gather evidence.
  • flashed the High Priest of Cracix's signet ring to a tavern owner in Cliffside, who promptly upgraded their rooms to penthouse suites and refused to take more money from them for their stay.
  • proceeded to the Temple District under the cover of night. On their way up Cliffside via elevator, the elevator operator recognised the party as "the ones the Merchant Guild had put out money for". To buy his silence and cooperation (as well as future elevator rides up and down Cliffside), Primrose gave him the 100gp that she had stolen from the tavern.
  • approached the Temple of Vuloas, the god of secrets. After some meddling around with the statuettes of Vuloas in his various aspects (as Fishwife, Merchant, Thief, Mage, and Nothingness) in the hopes of finding a secret entrance, Davenport approached the priests - one blind, one lame, and one maimed - and asked them if they knew anything about the "corruption spreading within the Merchant's Guild, the Temple of Cracix, and the Temple of Krubivax."
  • was shown into a lavishly outfitted inner sanctum by the "blind" priest, who told them that they knew about the Merchant Guild and the Mystery of Cracix, but not about the Temple of Krubivax. In exchange for proof that the Temple of Krubivax was truly involved, the priest was willing to loan them disguises to infiltrate the Temple.
  • chose to disguise themselves as merchants and bodyguards.
  • entered the Temple of Krubivax, where they discovered the cost of asking a simple question in the Questioning Room was 50gp. Beyond the Questioning Room was the temple proper, where they approached a priest of Krubivax and flashed the ring to him.
  • was shown into an inner sanctum, where four paladins of the temple immediately drew their greatswords at the priest's signal and readied themselves to attack the party. The priest told him that the last time he saw the ring was on the High Priest of Cracix's hand; if the party now has the ring, then they must be the people who sacked the Temple of Cracix.
  • discovered that there was no sign of corruption within the Temple of Krubivax.
  • talked their way out of fighting the priest and his paladins by convincing him of the corruption that flowed within the Merchant's Guild and the Mystery of Cracix. In exchange for testifying on their behalf, the priest asks that they banish the demon that the Mystery of Cracix has supposedly released.
  • decided to use Burnt Bill's warehouse as the place to summon the demon. Summoning Burnt Bill as the witness for the Thieves Guild, and both the priest of Krubivax and Vuloas as the witnesses for the temples, they entered the magic circle and spoke the demon's name three times to summon it.
  • are now trapped in the magic circle with a furious demon out for their blood. If they leave the magic circle, they risk breaking the circle and releasing the demon, which will anger the priests. If they stay and fight the demon, however, they risk death, dismemberment, possession and worse.
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Sunday Campaign
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Monday Campaign