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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • found themselves in the city of Blackgate, a city famed for its massively oversized onyx gates.
  • decided to head to Amarath in the hopes that they would be able to find some treasure: in particular, the lost music of Amarath that Skamos was so eager to find. When speaking to an innkeeper about their journey, they discovered that the Grand Temple of Krubivax had recently impeached their own High Priest for sending a legion of 100 paladins to their death and were looking for people willing to head to Amarath.
  • headed to the Grand Temple, where they learned that the new High Priest was willing to pay them 10gp for each shield of Krubivax that they may bring back, and 200gp for each live Paladin of Krubivax that they may be able to bring back.
  • interviewed the previous High Priest in his gaol cell, who told them that he had to send the paladins to their death because that was the only way the Eternal Winter could have ended. Before they could question him more, mercenaries from the High Priest came and told them that their time with him was up.
  • travelled to Amarath where, just one day into their journey, they were jumped by highwaymen. All but one of the bandits were easily dispatched (with the captain managing to flee), and they continued on their journey with their coin purses slightly heavier as a result of looting the bandits.
  • two days from the foot of Mt Amarath, they came across an imp fighting an orc. The orc only spoke Orcish, but the imp told the party in Infernal that if they would get a letter off the orc, its master would richly reward them. After some negotiation and wrestling with both the imp and the orc, the party managed to steal the letter from the orc before letting it go free.
  • agreed to go with the imp to meet with its masters, located a few days south from their current location.
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Sunday Campaign