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Tuesday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • received a hive of honey-producing bees as their reward from the Queen after defeating her champions. Unfortunately, the party learned that the bees would not survive outside of Arcadia, and thus contented themselves with taking a vial of honey. The hive was then traded with the bears for a full basket of Arcadian nuts.
  • travelled for two more days towards the central clearing, but they seemed to be no nearer to their destination. They eventually came upon an eagle's nest on a rocky outcropping and, after promising the eagle a new home in the clearing, sought directions that would lead them there.
  • arrived at the clearing, which turned out to be a grove for druids who have passed on. Many of the druids have faced the Lying Tree themselves, and when they learned that the party was now on a quest to destroy it, they pledged themselves to their service should they ever want to mount an assault on the Tree itself.
  • decided against planting the Lying Tree's acorn in the grove, lest it destroy Arcadia and its residents.
  • spoke to a druid child who showed them a way to the Grey Wastes of Hades, where they might plant the acorn. Climbing down a sickly-looking tree's roots, they ended up hanging from a cavern's ceiling in the Grey Wastes, above what seems like thousands of souls making an aimless journey across the blasted landscape.
  • sent Myxis down to plant the tree through use of Mold Earth. Although the gnome's presence quickly drew the ire of the nearby souls for holding up traffic, she managed to plant the Lying Tree's acorn and get out of there in less than a minute. However, in that time she had breathed enough of the air and dirt of the Grey Wastes that it has now entered her body.
  • attracted the attention of a flying fiend who almost killed Myxis with a single swipe of its spiked tail. The last thing the party saw before climbing back up the tree was the fiend, lazily licking the blood off its tail while gazing thoughtfully at them.
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