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Monday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • wandered upriver in the direction of Trollskull, where the rogue came upon a camp of orcs torturing a unicorn. After some deliberation, the rogue decided to lie to her party and tell them that she did not see anything in the camp, and that they should move on.
  • eventually arrived in Trollskull, so-named for the massive giant skull at the gate. Five tall spires float in the middle of the city, anchored to the ground only by thick iron chains, and a great bazaar of some sort appears to have been established around the anchor points. Every evening, an auction for magical items (50gp to enter) is held at the centre of the bazaar.
  • met with a gnome jeweller who gave them a pearl and a diamond (worth 225gp in total) in exchange for going to an abandoned silver mine. In return for bringing the gnome there and keeping him safe, the party will earn 20% of any gems found in the mines.
  • travelled to the silver mines with a single spiralling 5ft path around a central airshaft. About 3/4 down the path, they encountered a small pack of gnolls that nearly murdered them with bows and spears. Eventually, the party manages to rally and kill most of the creatures, but one gets away and runs down the path to get more reinforcements.
  • after a short rest, they proceed down the path, but find an illusionary wall blocking a branch off the main path. Pushing through, they come across a roughly-hewn passage with raw silver ore still in the walls. After some thought, they decide to follow it, that they may be hopefully able to find somewhere to rest up and recover.
  • eventually come upon a glade - complete with large tree, grass-covered earth and the smell of spring in the air - with a young girl, about 12, playing the pan-pipes. No matter what they say to the girl, she does not respond but simply continues to play a haunting melody on her pipes.
  • noticed crystal fruits growing on the tree. Their gnomish employer insists that he cannot see the girl or hear any music, and tries to climb the tree to pluck some of the fruits. However, the dwarf manages to restrain him, and he grumpily agrees to wait with the rest of the party.
  • decide to rest. The dwarf dreams again of the tall cloaked figure, crowned in darkness and fire, stalking him, and as he watches, the figure gains strength and confidence and begins walking towards him. When he flails awake, the last thing he remembers of the dream is the figure being no more than 20ft away from him.
  • change guard shifts, with the fully-rested rogue now taking over guard duty. Unfortunately, she drifts off for just a moment, but by the time she opens her eyes, the gnome and girl are both gone. With nobody else to see her, she uses her Mage Hand to try and pluck one of the fruits...
  • awakens to find that the gnome, girl, and rogue are now all gone.
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Thursday Campaign