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Tuesday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • stepped through the gate, whereupon they immediately encountered a well-dressed satyr who proceeded to ask them a couple of immigration questions. The party (including the tree) agreed to stay for a maximum of 28 days within Elysium, and upon doing so were allowed to pass through the gate.
  • sailed with a dwarf down the River Oceanus, from whom they learn that the river - albeit unreliably - touches the Prime Material Plane at several points. Passing the Fields of Elysium and Bytopia, after eight days of sailing they eventually arrive in the forests of Arcadia.
  • met the Moon, the only barge that sailed in the opposite direction of the ships. The face of the moon itself was the sail of the barge, and the party heard music and laughter coming from below decks when the ship passed it.
  • disembarked and, after Rhys climbed a tall oak that seemed designed for climbing, made their meandering way towards the central glade that appeared to be as wide as a good-sized city. The first night into their journey, they came upon a cottage with five bowls of steaming porridge and five equally comfortable beds. Luna was the only one who decided to eat and sleep, and the rest of the party made camp in the wilderness outside the cottage.
  • travelled for another day, and when evening fell they encountered a bunch of bathing dryads who showed them to a cave. In the cave, Mukah used Speak with Animals to learn that the bears were keen to trade some Arcadian nuts in exchange for some honey. They agreed, and decided to travel to the nearest hive when morning broke.
  • travelled to the hive, which turned out to be an entire city full of bees located within some strange honeycombed ruins. The queen was a gigantic bloated creature that regularly produced grubs and other strange substances from its many orifices, and it seemed eager to accept anyone who would challenge her.
  • formally challenged the queen, at which point the queen sent her champions - three suits of animated armour and a dancing sword - to fight the party. It was a long and drawn out battle, but the party eventually managed to wear the constructs down and destroy the animated objects.
  • spent 11 days of their 28 days so far.
  • is currently waiting to see what the queen would do, now that they have won...
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