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Monday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • learned from the mayor's assistant that the Elder Brain is a prized possession of the illithids, and now that it has been released into the wild, the illithids are surely going to make a beeline for it. Given that the Light of Lethae is standing in their way, and that the mindflayers are known to be both arrogant and malicious, the entire town is probably going to be razed to the ground.
  • used Comprehend Languages to decipher the Abyssal etched into the edges of the rogue's coins as saying, "One of Thirty Six". Each glyph carved into the coin is unique, and each of them are nauseating to look at for too long. The wizard also identified the enchantment surrounding the coins as belonging to the School of Divination, but could not do much more without Identify.
  • made plans to travel with the local Thieves Guild to Trollskull, capital city of Keorid. More properly known as Vurn Kahldur, Trollskull was a small dwarven trading colony that grew over time until it became the capital of the kingdom.
  • handed over one of the two remaining letters to the assistant.
  • began travelling upriver by barge. One day out, however, they were attacked by a single mindflayer who - with a single blast of its telekinetic powers - disabled most of the party and stunned the rest into submission. As they grovelled for their lives, the illithid withdrew the location of the Elder Brain from the cleric's memories and left, leaving them to tend to their wounded and recover as best they could.
  • encountered a bunch of merrow that were suffering from some strange rot or corruption. Through a series of unfortunate events, the merrow ended up capturing the party and the rest of the Thieves Guild, and when the party woke up they found themselves in a jail cell without anything.
  • spoke with the merrow king, who told them that they had found six coins similar to the ones the rogue stole from Sibbanon, and that the corruption affecting them started soon after they placed the coins in the treasury.
  • agreed to help the merrow find a cure to the corruption, which they believe to be doable by collecting all thirty six coins. In exchange for their freedom and their gear (minus the coins), they accepted a Geas that was tattooed onto their palms.
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