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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • chopped off the head of the head priest and dug out the rotting heart of a cultist, before dumping the rest of the bodies in the Temple of Cracix's hidden inner sanctum where the demon was previously being held.
  • returned to the Undercity, where they were met with Davenport, a gnome wizard who is one of the Earl's many secret agents. Davenport was tasked by the Earl with helping the party out and keeping them out of trouble, but as with all things, the Earl will disavow any knowledge of her existence if she or the party is caught.
  • met with the merchants from the Merchant's Guild. They were shown into a series of dirt tunnels scratched with what the rogue recognised as thief guildmarks, and asked to wait in a small room for the merchants to arrive.
  • waited in the room until one of the merchants from before, who offered to pay them to find out what was causing the merchants to go insane, entered the room. The party showed him the head and the heart, and told the merchants that the temple of Cracix is responsible for everything that has happened.
  • waited while the merchant left the room to "confer with his colleagues". Listening at the door, they realised that this merchant was also part of the corruption and conspiracy, and was telling his colleague to "find someone to get rid of them".
  • chose to try and drag the merchants into the room and interrogate them, but failed.
  • were forced to flee to the river docks, where they paid a bargeman a generous sum of gold to get them out of there to a nearby port town about half a day away from the Undercity. Along the way, they learned that the bargeman was part of the Thieves Guild, that the Thieves Guild has recently signed some sort of contract with the Merchant's Guild to allow them use of the thief tunnels, and that the smuggling trade has dried up about a month ago after the contract was signed.
  • arrived in the unnamed port town, where they met Mal, a grizzled old sailor who tore down the local shrine to Cracix and chased the priests out of town after he realised that they were "making my friend go insane". They learned that the corruption had spread out of Drandeur, but that Drandeur seemed to be the source of it all.
  • fled from the port town after Primrose tried to pick too many pockets.
  • returned to Drandeur by barge and snuck back into the thief tunnels.
  • managed to sneak past a sentry of some kind - most likely posted by the Merchant's Guild - by causing a fight to break out between two disgruntled thieves and the sentry.
  • headed to the fence, where they sold off the head priest's torc (keeping his signet ring) and, with some of the money, purchased a pearl for the purposes of Davenport's Identify spell. 
  • are now in the tunnels outside the fence thinking about what they should do next.
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Sunday Campaign
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Monday Campaign