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Sunday Campaign

Pandjed the Gold Dragonborn Barbarian (Joyce) lead a fairly ordinary life with her clutch until a necromancer - leading a small army of skeletons and zombies - sacked her village and killed her friends and family. Still haunted by that memory, she wanders the world now in search of that necromancer, that she might get vengeance and justice for those he killed.

Ozymandias the Gnomish Wizard (Rachel), like so many diviners elsewhere, began having dreams of an all-consuming shadow rising from the south to devour the world about a month ago. Her auguries and research lead her to one inescapable conclusion: that the darkness will come from Iskar, and that it is coming very soon.

Asta the Wood Elven Druid (Nicholas) became fascinated with dragons ever since he first saw a dragon flying over his town. Setting out to learn the art of shapeshifting from the druids, he soon discovered that their power only allowed them to transform into simple beasts: and dragons, he knew, were anything but simple beasts. He now walks the world in search of the spell that would allow him to transform into a dragon.

Egart the Halfling Monk (Jordan) was left on the doorstep of a wood elven monastery as a child during a particularly harsh winter. As a halfling growing up amongst wood elves, he always had to work harder than any of his friends, but this mindset ensured that he graduated at the top of his class. As a parting gift, his master tells him that if he wishes to further his skills, he should seek out the original tomes from which all wood elven martial arts are derived from.

Skamos the Tiefling Bard (Kayden) had an idyllic childhood abroad a pirate vessel, where he learned how to play a wide variety of musical instruments. Although he was celebrated as the best musician on his ship, that fantasy was shattered when he walked into a city tavern and heard an actual bard play. When the bard made to leave, the tiefling begged him to teach him, but he refused, saying that he would only accept him as a student if he found the legendary lost music of Amarath.

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Friday Campaign
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Sunday Campaign