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Friday Campaign

Last week the party...

  • were seaboard mercenaries working the route between the Sunken Isles and Ishkar, shipping rare and powerful magical artefacts from the former to the latter. They had just finished spending the last of their pay in the port-town of the Lich's Pride when the news hit them: Ishkar was at siege with itself.
  • turned down a drow captain's offer to sail back to Ishkar and decided to accept a pale, regal-looking human's offer of work on the Sunken Isles instead. For 400gp and salvage rights, they are to make a 3 day trek into the swamplands surrounding the Pride and retrieve a mummified hand at the bottom of a sunken temple dedicated to ancient and long-forgotten gods.
  • found themselves facing a knight on a skeletal horse, who warned them that they were about to enter the demesne of the Deathless King who called itself the Immortal. The party asked for an audience with the King, and the knight asked them to step past the burning shadowfire that marked the territorial borders of the Immortal's demesne.
  • were dragged by skeletal hands through filthy swamp water until they emerged, stinking and dripping, at the end of a long stone corridor. Unfamiliar constellations shone through the cracks in the roof, and the party sensed vague curiosity in the air.
  • tried to cast a spell, which resulted in the place eating the magic and causing the spell to fizzle. However, this seemed to please the place, and a single passageway opened up for one of them to pass through. After several minutes of trial and error, they eventually figured out that the passageway was the way out, and blew most of their spell slots on feeding the place.
  • took a heavy tarnished silver crown from the corpse on the throne, which transposes the soul of anyone touching the crown with that of the person who was most recently crowned. They also found a heavy silver sword in the corpse's hands, but they left that behind.
  • got out of the throne room and realised that the back of their right hands were all branded with the mark of the Immortal, allowing them free passage through its lands.
  • continued along the way until they were about to cross yet another shadowflamed border marker, this time guarded by a small legion of skeletons lead by a single necromancer. They decided to attack the necromancer, and things were going well for the party - thanks to judicious use of Turn Undead and Shatter - until the necromancer, activating his boots of swampwalking, turned tail and fled.
  • spent ten minutes casting Tenser's Floating Disc, that they may travel through the swamp unhindered. However, that ten minutes was all the necromancer needed to rally fresh troops and bring them, plus some allies to the battlefield. Cornered and exhausted, the party agreed to be peacably led to the Deathless King of this demesne, who will decide what will be done with the party.
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