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Thursday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • travelled to the Gatehouse for their meeting with Dr Copernicus, a satyr in charge of the Limbo and Pandemonium Ward.
  • learned that Pandemonium is a rock floating through the endless chaos of Limbo. Its winds eventually drive all who listen to it insane, and the only thing capable of keeping out the sound is vard gum, a material made from the sap of the vard tree growing in Carceri.
  • learned that the Gatehouse is built around a gate to Limbo, and that Copernicus is willing to give them access to the gate in exchange for the stone flute that they are retrieving from Pandemonium.
  • wandered into the Nightmare Ward, where they saw researchers harvesting dreamstuff from people suffering from nightmares. The rogue was about to volunteer to earn an allowance of 5 lumes per day of research, but decided against it after hearing that it would worsen the nightmares.
  • visited the Night Market in hopes of finding someone to sell the rogue's nightmares to. They found a night hag who was willing to sell them a Ring of Soul Transference in exchange for a favour: they are to find this particular aasimar light boy and put an amulet on his neck while he's sleeping, after which they are to return to her with the amulet.
  • found the light gang that the aasimar is part of but - after asking for the specific aasimar light boy and accidentally admitting to pedophilia - a fight quickly broke out between the gang and the party. Sleep caused most of the gang to fall unconscious, but a light boy managed to run away and get reinforcements from their parent gang.
  • was shot at by the gangsters with massive arrows that shrieked through the air with the agony of a thousand souls. Some struck the eldritch knight and the wizard, but for the party eventually managed to escape the gangsters and flee into the dark.
  • have 22 days remaining before Fanny will call in her debt.
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