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Tuesday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • safely arrived at the portal, which they promptly entered and headed straight for the Winter Court. There, before the Lady Titania, they asked for an audience with Ankers, her new Ace of Cups, and gave her a few of their memories in exchange for this audience. The Lady consented, and with a wave of her hand brought them before Ankers' new quarters.
  • spoke with Ankers, where they learned that Titania held dominion over the suits of Cups and Wands, while her other half in Summer held dominion over the suits of Pentacles and Swords. They also learnt that the the world would soon be plunged into an eternal winter, and that here in the Feywild they were already starting to feel the effects of this event (although it has yet to happen).
  • learnt that the tree in Northreach was being animated by a fey creature here in the Feywild, and that if they wished to stop its growth, they would have to either kill the creature, pay the creature, or come to an agreement with the creature. The flower that they had taken from the tree would lead them to the creature, but they would have to step off the path into the Free Marches in order for that to work.
  • step into the Free Marches and, holding the flower high, willed themselves into a forest. From the forest, they further willed themselves towards the owner of the tree, and slowly but surely, a massive tree started taking shape in front of them.
  • met with a squirrel who introduced itself as the ambassador for the Lying Tree, the massive tree before them. Myxis used Detect Thoughts to try and delve deeper into the squirrel's mind, in an effort to learn what the tree may want (and learned that the tree wanted what all trees want; water, sunlight, warmth, growth), but the squirrel discovered this and was greatly offended.
  • agreed to find and give the squirrel a handful of nuts from Arcadia within 28 days to placate it
  • travelled to the tree, where - through the squirrel - the tree told them that it was transplanting itself to the Prime Material Plane in an attempt to escape the coming winter. Bruenor suggested transplanting the tree to Arcadia instead, and after some consideration the tree agreed.
  • received two acorns: one to plant in Arcadia, and another to plant back here in the Feywild, after the winter has ended ("all things must end, no matter what the Lady thinks"). In exchange, the tree will not only cease its growth in Northreach, but will also grow Luna a lyre, that she might have "a lyre from the Lying Tree".
  • walked down one of the Lying Tree's many branches and found themselves in an arena where two gods appear to be fighting each other while a huge crowd cheered them on. Thanks to Rhys' use of Pass Without Trace, they slipped away through a staff entrance and exited, through a woman's bathroom stall, into a tavern known as the God Bar.
  • spoke with the aasimar barkeep who told them that they were now in Sylvania, gate town to Elysium (of which Arcadia is a part of). All they had to do was follow the main road to the gate, and from there they would find themselves in the Fields of Elysium.
  • entered the streets, where they saw many people doing the world's longest pub crawl as they weaved and meandered from tavern to tavern. The vast majority of these people, however, appeared slightly more insubstantial than the party members themselves, and the party rightly concluded that these were the spirits of the dead on the way to their well-deserved afterlife.
  • spotted another member of the Wilders: an elf wearing a wooden circlet and a flashy cape on his back who claims to be searching for the Fountain of Youth. He gave them directions to Arcadia ("find a barge that will take you to a port near Arcadia, then sail down Oceanus until you reach it"), but warned them that the native dryads may not take too kindly to their presence.
  • prepared to step through the gate...
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