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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • tried to find out what suddenly loosening the merchants' purse strings. Purchasing some skimpy clothing from a lady of the night, the rogue snuck into a merchant's room by posing as a streetwalker. After some questioning, she discovered that the merchant had not only spent his own savings, but also the money that he had intended to bring back home.
  • came to the conclusion that the demon they had inadvertently freed was probably behind this
  • travelled up Cliffside into the Temple District, into the main temple of Cracix. There, they learnt that the mysterious man they met the other night was none other than the head priest of the temple.
  • was attacked by the head priest and his initiates when they revealed that they didn't know anything about the Mystery. His initiates turned out to be undead creatures, and after a brief but furious battle they managed to kill the head priest, whereupon his undead servants immediately collapsed to the ground.
  • was accosted and detained by the crowd for murder while someone sent for the paladins of Krubivax. Meanwhile, in the temple proper, the rogue and the barbarian fashioned a torch out of the head priest's robes and investigated the secret chamber they found beneath the temple.
  • tried to show the crowd that the initiates were undead creatures by pulling out their rotting hearts, but the four paladins that showed up appeared to be just as corrupt as the priests and prevented the crowd from seeing anything. Awed by the apparent authority of the paladins, the crowd's opinion begun to sway against the party.
  • watched as the rogue, disguised as the head priest, tumbled down the temple steps. However, a nearby paladin quickly realised the truth and, after stabbing her in the sides, tore her hood off to reveal that it was not the head priest. This swayed the crowd even more.
  • discovered that the secret chamber, like the one in the other temple, held a demon. The barbarian negotiated a deal with the demon: in exchange for its freedom, the demon will save the party from this sticky situation. The demon agreed, and the barbarian began chipping away at the magic circle containing the black flame.
  • watched as a strange force took over the minds and bodies of the four paladins and, as one, they marched off the side of the cliff, tumbling gruesomely to their deaths. The warlock quickly shouted that this was clearly a sign from the gods that the paladins were corrupt, and the crowd - not wanting anything to do with such power, divine or otherwise - relented and dispersed.
  • made to leave the Temple District
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Sunday Campaign
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Monday Campaign