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Thursday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • negotiated the rat meat that they had in the bag (minus the tails) with Mystery Meat Guy for five tram tickets to the Clerk's Ward (for a total of 5x3 = 15 lumes), where they may head to the Office for Vermin Control in the Hall of Records and turn in the sack of rat tails for 90 lumes.
  • headed for the Hall of Records, where they learned that although there was an officer for almost anything, all meetings with officers were by-appointment only (with an administrative fee of 3 lumes and an average waiting time of a week).
  • spoke with the guide in the Hall of Records who helpfully suggested that, if they wanted to learn more about Limbo and Pandemonium, he may have a friend working in the Gatehouse that might be of assistance. However, the information would cost them 7 lumes, and another 3 lumes if they wish to be introduced.
  • agreed to pay the 10 lumes, and the Eldritch Knight approached the Hall's illithid money changer to exchange one of his own sols for 12 lumes. An appointment was made to meet with the friend at the Gatehouse by midday tomorrow.
  • realised that night had fallen, and after some shenanigans involving public busking without a license after dark and a brief run-in with the Harmonium, they engaged a light boy - a child carrying a light wand on a long stick - to send them to the Greengage.
  • entered the Greengage, where everything was sized for smallfolk, and bigfolk were mostly doing their drinking outside on the streets. The halfling owner, Marda Farambler, offered them work: all they had to do to was to collect an outstanding bar tab of 5 sols from a gang of mostly tiefling ruffians who call themselves the Hounds of Hell, and in exchange Marda will pay them 2 sol.
  • headed for the apartment, where they quickly killed the leader and then slowly picked off the rest of the Hounds. Looting the corpses, they found an electric javelin and a suit of leather armour inscribed with draconic runes. They also found a large stash of 60 lumes (plus some loose change) stacked on a table nearby, which they promptly took and returned to Marda.
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