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Tuesday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • realised that they had two weeks before the portal to the Feywild would open.
  • travelled to Islington, where they went straight to the library to find out more about the sword and, possibly, the Feywild. Upon reaching the library, they realised that only a small room was open to the public: only mages from the Hidden Schools were allowed into the library proper.
  • spoke to the guard, where Myxis discovered that the School of Divination was located in the Tower of Astronomy within the ducal palace.
  • found a book that told of the sword's name ("Flame-Kissed-By-Death") and history, but realised that where the adventurers' names were supposed to be, it was garbled gibberish instead. Through Detect Magic, Myxis realised that there's a faint enchantment placed over the names, and that if she traced the magic back, she might be able to find the source of the enchantment.
  • tried to steal the book, but was stopped by the guard who transformed himself into a towering giant of stone and earth. Luna blamed everything on Rhys, and Rhys was subsequently banished from the library forever, to never return on pain of death.
  • made their way into the ducal palace by claiming that they had the means to stop this eternal winter. There, they met with the Duke's seneschal, who tells them that if they are able to bring him a solution to this winter, or proof that they have somehow stopped winter, they will be richly rewarded with 2000gp. To aid them in this task, they asked to speak with the court astronomer who they had heard was recently imprisoned.
  • went into the dungeons where they met with the astronomer, who was whipped and imprisoned for telling people that this winter was not going to end any time soon. The astronomer tells that he has seen this meeting, but they must ask the questions before he can give them the answers.
  • learned that they have already found the key that they have come to Druss to seek, and that if they wish to find the source of the name-masking enchantment, they just have to find any text written before the spell was cast and use it to trace the enchantment back to its source.
  • received a keystone from the astronomer before they were forced to leave the dungeons.
  • approached Sir Gareth Oremaul of the Merchant's Guild with news about the merchant's consortium, who immediately sent men to dismantle the guild. In exchange for this information, they were given a rare first-edition print of the same book that they found in the library.
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