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Monday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • travelled together for a while, realising that their destinies were inextricably bound with each other's. The dark shadow chasing Oskar is very much like the one Dalaba has seen, the one that Quillathe has dreamed of, and the one that gave Bethrynna her powers. 
  • travelled to the Light of Lethae, a small port town on the northwestern coast of the mainland, in search of the Thieves' Guild who is said to have the answers that they seek. Valanthe noticed a guildmark carved upon the steps of the local temple to Cracix (in his aspect as the Stormlord), but before she could investigate further they were distracted by a commotion outside the temple.
  • listened to the commotion, where several local villagers ranted on about how the Stormlord's curse has not yet been lifted despite the priests' repeated reassurances. The town's treasury is nearly depleted, and with the catch being so poor, the people are on the verge of starvation. After the crowd dispersed, the party approached the priest, where they learned that the curse is not actually a curse, but a rot spreading from a "dead thing" buried beneath the temple.
  • investigated the "dead thing" in the catacombs, which turned out to be a massive brain frozen by the recent winter. Now that winter is ending, the brain has started thawing out, and bits of rotting grey-matter have started making its way into the water supply, poisoning the water and killing the local fishes.
  • killed the local kuo-toa in the region. After reading a line of Draconic on the wall that declared the creature to be an "Elder Brain" who is an "eternal servant of Cracix", Dalaba decided to thaw the creature out fully with several applications of Burning Hands. This fully defrosted the Elder Brain, restoring it to life and intelligence.
  • spoke with the Elder Brain telepathically, where it asked them to give it a push into the water so that it can be freed. In exchange, the Elder Brain will provide them with answers, and the party agreed.
  • learned that the shadow haunting all of them is a powerful demon, and that if they wish to be rid of its influence, they must head to Ishkar, all the way across the other side of the world.
  • pushed the Elder Brain into the water, where the current quickly swept it out of sight and into the river proper. As they made to leave the chamber, they read the Draconic text on the wall again, but this time the words are different; it now spells out a warning, calling the Elder Brain a "creature accursed of and imprisoned by Cracix".
  • returned to the temple, where they were paid by the priest 100gp for their work. After a well-deserved rest in the Cock and Bull tavern, the party awaken to a great wailing in the town square: all the fishermen that went out to sea that morning have died to what witnesses describe as a "giant octopus" destroying the ships, and the widows are now petitioning the town mayor for vengeance and justice.
  • snuck away into the mayor's office, where they riffled through the mayor's personal assistant's desk drawers and found several scrolls sealed with a thief's guildmark. Taking the documents with them, they leave and head straight back to their rooms in the Cock and Bull.
  • broke the seals on the documents, where they learned that they were all incriminating documents: a letter from a mysterious person to another talking about how they have almost gained full control over the city, a document detailing the mayor's many indiscretions with local girls, a document detailing the money that the mayor has stolen from the town treasury, and a document detailing the money that the assistant has himself been stealing from the treasury.
  • was soon visited by the mayor's assistant who had, after meeting them on the doorstep to the mayor's office and realising that his drawer was broken into, put two and two together. In exchange for the return of his documents, the assistant is willing to pay them 500gp and introduce them to the local Thief's Guild; the party agreed, and handed over the first two documents.
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