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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • found themselves dragged into an audience chamber before the Baronet Thurmond, the angry fat man screaming at them from before. Presiding over the trial was the Earl Drandeur, the noble responsible for the Undercity of Drandeur.
  • heard the Baronet decry them for the destruction of several properties within his land, and for bringing demons into the city. The party made the counterargument that, since the haunted house belonged to the Baronet, and because everything started from the haunting, Thurmond should be responsible for any damages caused by this whole mess, not them.
  • was given a private audience with the Earl, who told them that he can make the whole mess disappear if they agree to help him out with a problem he's having: the local Mystery of Cracix has been spotted luring merchants into their temple, and when the merchants returned all the goods they brought with them mysteriously entered the temple's stores instead of entering the market.
  • was warned that they would be working entirely independently from the Earl, and that the only assistance he will provide them is a small amount of starting capital (100gp) and getting them out of the civil suit the Baronet is currently trying to press. If the party is caught, the Earl will disavow any knowledge of the party.
  • headed to the Road's End tavern, a place favoured by merchant caravans. After getting a geblud blessing from a priest in the tavern (and feeling no different), they asked around and discovered that the priests of Cracix maintain a temple just down the road.
  • got rooms at the Road's End, and after resting they started a fight with a short man sitting where the priest used to be sitting by calling him "halfling" and "gnome". However, given the urgency of their quest, they decided to not fight him and went straight for the temple.
  • investigated the temple, where the warlock feigned a seizure in an attempt to get the priests to bring him into their inner sanctum for treatment. Seeing through his deception, the head priest only allowed the fighter to follow and, once they were inside, the priests immediately put the warlock into manacles.
  • noticed that there was a black flame caged within a magic circle in the inner sanctum. Burning with no apparent fuel or heat, the flame dances with a life that is both alien and strangely man-like, casting evocative shadows that beckon and seduce.
  • started a fight when the warlock and fighter was gone for too long, eventually allowing them to break into the inner sanctum where they killed all the priests. The head priest had however managed to flee into yet another secret chamber, where he worked in an effort to weaken the magic circle and unleash the black flame.
  • eventually killed the head priest and dragged him out of the secret chamber. The warlock sacrificed a nearby priest to commune with his patron, where he learned that the black flame was a demonic servant of Levistus. If he were to carve certain arcane sigils into the head priest's skull and stick it into the magic circle, he would be able to imprison the flame and bring it into another location.
  • was walked in on by another initiate of the Mystery of Cracix who, despite noticing all the carnage, did not do anything. The initiate had come to his own conclusions: he surmised that the party belonged to another chapter of the Mystery and had come here to dismantle this chapter so that they can steal the demon for themselves.
  • agreed with the initiate's conclusions, and asked him to not tell the elders about this. He agreed and left.
  • stuck the skull into the circle, but because the sigils were not carved precisely enough, the skull shattered when the demon possessed it, freeing it from the magic circle and allowing it complete freedom. However, the demon decided to spare them and chose instead to leave, to doubtlessly wreck havoc elsewhere.
  • got in touch with the local Thief's Guild and sold the temple - along with its blessing gig (where the priests charge 5sp per blessing) - to them in exchange for 15% of the profits. This comes up to a profit of about 30gp per month.
  • upon waking up, discovered that the common room of the tavern was full of empty wine bottles, women of the night, and people who look like they've come into a lot of money very recently and were most determined to spend it all on getting drunk. This scene was repeated elsewhere throughout the city's many taverns: something was wrong, but what?
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