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Thursday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • sought directions from the Guy Who Sells Mystery Meat Outside from Fanny's Flophouse (thereafter known as Mystery Meat Guy) to the Civic Festhall, but was told that they would not want to walk through the streets of Sigil without a guide; and a guide, of course, costs lumes.
  • was told that if they helped out his cousin with a small rat problem, Mystery Meat Guy would offer his services as a guide free of charge. Cranium rats - rats that get smarter the more of them there are in a region - have moved into an abandoned apartment next door, and their noise have been preventing his cousin from sleeping.
  • entered the abandoned apartment, where they found that all four stories - walls, floors, and ceilings - was filled with rats. The hive was now smart enough to not only communicate telepathically, but also telekinetically manipulate their environment.
  • offered the rats a deal: in exchange for finding and giving the rats a key and gate to the Prime Material Plane, the rats will loan them 60 sols at a simple interest of 25% per month. The rats agreed, and transferred the soulstuff to the warlock...  at which point the party decided to betray the rats and attack them.
  • was almost destroyed by the collective power of the cranium rat swarm until they decided to surrender in exchange for cancelling the deal, recovering the souls, and taking a quarter of the warlock's soul as damages. The warlock came close to dying again, and the experience harrowed him sufficiently that he now no longer tasted or smelled anything.
  • realised that the commotion had attracted undue attention. The bard asked the rats for permission to collect the dead rat bodies (for a bounty at the Office for Vermin Control) and to exit through the apartment, and the rats agreed as long as the party promised to keep quiet about the rat swarm's existence.
  • moved through the apartment, where they realised that the rats had an entire functioning society in the apartment, complete with individual apartment blocks, communal areas, and whole industries.
  • realised that the "treasure" was a strange grey-steel sword lying on top of a small heap of garbage. The rogue decided to try and steal the sword with her Mage Hand, but the rats saw through her and, right before she could jump out of the window, slammed the window shut and prevented her from leaving. The rats took half of the rogue's soul as further damages before releasing her.
  • approached Mystery Meat Guy's cousin, who snuck away into a back alley to do something. The rogue tried to follow him, but was caught; in her depression, she stabbed herself with a dagger, knocking her out and causing her to now get persistent nightmares that prevent her from healing during long rests.
  • did not manage to see what Mystery Meat Guy's cousin did, but it somehow managed to contact his cousin, and after about fifteen minutes or so Mystery Meat Guy was back.
  • negotiated a guarantee with Mystery Meat Guy that if the rats proved to be a problem again within four months, the party will return to deal with it. In exchange, Mystery Meat Guy would act as their guide for a day.
  • is now holding a sack of 90 dead rat tails, with each worth 1 lume at the Office of Vermin Control (for a total of 7 sols and 6 lumes). However, in the process they lost a total of 6 sols from the rogue and 3 sols from the warlock, making the entire misadventure with the rats cost them a total of 2 sols and 6 lumes.
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