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Tuesday Campaign

Last Monday, the party...

  • arrived in Northreach to find that the tree - despite the aggressive pruning efforts on the part of the guards and Egoveus' golem - has grown to supernaturally gargantuan proportions. Its height now rivals that of the wizard's tower, and the tree shows no sign of stopping.
  • spoke to Egoveus, who tells them that the corrosive venom from a manticore's tail might be able to temporarily halt the growth of the tree and buy them more time to discover how to stop the tree from growing. As luck would have it, a manticore has recently moved into a cave about two days from the castle, and Egoveus gives them directions to the lair.
  • approached Tyd to ask about the sword hilt, but he seemed engaged in the construction of some sort of amulet and refused to talk to anybody.
  • travelled to the manticore's lair, where they - through the clever application of the Silent Image and Phantasmal Force spell - trapped the manticore in a battle with an illusionary dragon, allowing Rhys, Myxis, and Luna's Unseen Servant to proceed into the lair.
  • stole two eggs and a vial of venom from the lair before the enraged manticore, noticing Myxis with the egg in her hands, broke away from the "dragon" and gave chase. The party quickly fled, and the manticore eventually lost interest and returned to protect the eggs that remained.
  • returned to Northreach with the venom, which Egoveus proceeded to use in a magical ritual designed to slow the tree's growth. The wizard tells them that this will only buy them about six months worth of time, and that the party should quickly do what they can to learn more about the tree and how to stop it from taking over the keep.
  • sold one of the eggs to the Thieves' Guild chapter in Northreach for 2,000gp. The other egg was buried 60ft beneath the shrine to Krubivax that Bruenor had constructed (on the opposite end of the keep from the shrine to Lethae that the viscount's knights had erected). The golden wheel from the arcane contraption was buried as a decoy, and a trap placed above the decoy.
  • spoke to Tyd, who had finished work on his amulet of protection from cold and was willing to sell it to the party for 1,000gp. Mukah agrees and buys the amulet, and takes the opportunity to ask Tyd about the hilt that they found at the bottom of the pond.
  • learned that the sword used to belong to an efreeti sultan who ruled the City of Brass with an iron fist...  until a bunch of adventurers, very much like themselves, overthrew the sultan and broke his greatsword into three distinct parts. If they can find one piece of the sword, Tyd can reforge it into a shortsword; two, into a longsword; and three, into a fully-reconstructed greatsword.
  • made plans to return to the Feywild, where they would hopefully be able to learn more about this tree.
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