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Monday Campaign

Oskar Gebrek the Mountain Dwarf Paladin (Jeremy) once, as a young paladin initiate, accidentally stumbled into his temple's secret vault. Although his elders found him and removed him from the vault as soon as they realised he was missing, they did not find what Oskar had taken: a small golden chasse casket, secured by three thin silver chains and locks. Now, after finally finishing his training and being freed from his duties at the temple, the dwarf has set out to find the keys that would unlock that mysterious casket.

Valanthe the Wood Elf Rogue (Dharani) made her name in the Thieves Guild by robbing the vault of renowned numismatist and art collector, Sibanon the Haughty. The entire job took her three weeks to plan and execute, but at the end of it, all she had to show for her work was a bag of six large silver coins, each stamped with strange sigils that she does not understand. Fleeing the kingdom when the heat got too hot, she sailed with the half-orc pirate captain Garekk on his ship, the Ironclad Goddess, until he tried to steal the coins from her. Things got ugly, and the rogue eventually incited a mutiny that ended with Garekk stranded on a deserted island, and Valanthe headed back to shore on the ship of the smuggler Quickwitted Lyndiss.

Dalaba the Gnome Wizard (Natalie) came from a family of career wizards who, naturally, assumed that she would want to follow in their footsteps. However, after graduating from the Hidden Schools, Dabala chose to not settle for a cushy court position but instead became an adventurer. Most think that it was because she wanted to be her own woman (which is partially true), but Dalaba knows better: her divinations show that a great shadow was now walking the world, and if she did not do something about it, the whole world would soon be in peril.

Quillathe the Wood Elf Cleric (Stabby) was never comfortable with large crowds. Unfortunately, the temple that she grew up in served both as a community centre and a school for priestly initiates, ensuring that she would never have a moment of peace while she was there. As soon as she graduated, Quillathe left to serve a small gatherer village on the edge of a swamp as a priest of Vuloas, and she had never been happier...  for about two years. Then the nightmares started: dreams of gnashing teeth and blood-splattered darkness, of a shadow that now walked the world and would end it if it was not stopped.

Bethrynna the Half-Elf Sorcerer (Natalia) was born beneath a solar eclipse, to an elven mother who swore that she had lain with no man, while the roosters crowed thrice in a row. Although her village welcomed her as a demigod, she quickly grew tired of the constant attention (not to mention social expectations) and ran away in the middle of the night. Now travelling the lands as an adventurer, she hopes to find the source of her powers and force it to take them back, that she may lead a reasonably normal life again.

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