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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • made their way to the Undercity of Drandeur, in the kingdom of Wethorp. Slipping into a nearby tavern, the Last Drop, the party learn that an old elven woman living nearby has been trying to get people to stop her neighbours from being noisy.
  • headed to the old woman's house, who offered the party her husband's sword in exchange for getting her neighbours to stop being so noisy at night. However, when they looked over at the house that she's complaining about, they realise that (if the eviction notice on the front door is anything to go by) the house has been abandoned for about two months.
  • picked the lock of the door and make their way in. The kitchen held a small clay altar to Lethae, goddess of civilisation and order, but the cleric noticed that the altar had been desecrated with Abyssal that defiled the goddess' name and titles.
  • entered the bedroom, where the rogue started riffling through the bookshelf and found a leather-bound journal. The leather feels strange and clammy to the touch, and details a father's descent into madness after he made a pact with a mysterious "patron" for wealth and power. The journal ends with an entry reading, "I had to. Gods forgive me, but I had to."
Book 01.jpg
  • opened the door to a child's room, where they find a crib. Approaching the crib, the spirit of a child - spectral chains dangling from her tiny hands - reached out and immediately possessed the warforged barbarian, turning him against the rest of his allies.
  • smashed the crib, causing the spirit to leave the barbarian but not the house. Annoyed, the barbarian smashed the altar, but this caused the entire house to be teleported into a blasted wasteland with jutting obsidian spires, blood-red skies, and crimson lightning.
  • was attacked by a seemingly endless wave of dretches while a large ape-like demon flew circles around the house. The cleric tried to Mend the statuette, but the ghost of the child possessed him midway, causing him to turn on his party. The rogue stabbed the book, causing the spirit to scream in pain while the book bled, and the cleric was able to negotiate a deal with the ghost.
  • came to an agreement with the ghost: in exchange for leaving the party alone, they will find a way to give her peace. The ghost left the body of the cleric, allowing him to finish Mending the altar, and the entire house - demons and all - was planeshifted back to the Undercity.
  • tried to clean up the remaining dretches, but the adventurers went down swiftly one by one. Eventually, only the fighter remained standing, but a lucky blow got through his armour and brought him down. The last thing he remembered seeing was a contingent of city guards storming the building.
  • woke up to find themselves in a city jail, all items and equipment removed. A fat man dressed in expensive clothing stormed into the room and, seeing that they were now awake, threatened to "see them in court for what they did to my city".
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