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Friday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • tried to interrogate the elven leader, but the leader refused to break. Spitting at the wood elf in the party, the tattooed leader gave him one last chance: surrender now, and he will allow the monk to leave this place alive. The monk refused, and the leader proceeded to ignore him.
  • got the dragonborn fighter to enter the cell. Unfortunately, he forgot to disarm himself, and when the elf broke free of his bonds and grappled the fighter, he found himself unable to break out of the chokehold.
  • lost the sword when the elf took it from the fighter's side and held the fighter hostage. The leader demanded that the monk unlock the cell immediately, and he did...  only to have the tiefling wizard fire three Magic Missiles at him through the open door, killing him instantly.
  • looted the silver dragon-headed sword back off the elf's body and decided to look for a blacksmith, to see if he knew anything about the magical properties of the sword. On the way to the smith, they heard a scream from the blacksmith's house.
  • burst into the room to see the blacksmith standing over his wife with a hammer in his hand and mindless rage in his eyes. The monk dives into the way, protecting the woman with his own body, and the fighter drags the crazed smith away while he accuses her of being a whore.
  • calmed the both of them down, at which point the smith asked that the party bring his wife out of the house so that he will not have to see her again. The warlock offered to kill and sacrifice his wife, which causes the smith to yell at the party and demand that they get the hell out of his house as well.
  • escorted the wife to the neighbour's, where she stayed the night until the city gates opened at dawn. The party rented her a pony for 10sp, that she might make it to her mother's village (about half a day away) swiftly and safely.
  • learned that the smith only started acting up after mining some ore from a falling star about two weeks ago. The wife claimed to not know the location of the star, but told the party that the smith still has the mined ore with him in the house.
  • snuck into the smith's house and stole the ore from him. A strange desire - to own the metal chunk - possessed the monk when he touched it, and he began attacking his own party members when they tried to take the ore from him.
  • lost the ore in the scuffle when the wizard's Magic Missile slammed the ore out of the monk's hands. The starmetal tumbled into the town's sewers, and the strange affliction possessing the smith and the monk alike broke as it did.
  • met with the smith again, where he appeared ashamed and apologetic for his actions. The smith says that he knows nothing about the sword, and that they should ask a wizard if they want to know more about such things.
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