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Thursday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • accepted a job to investigate why a village was disappearing off the maps. People have started forgetting that such a village even existed in the first place, and physical maps no longer reflect the existence of such a village.
  • arrived at the village, where only a wooden palisade remains. The sky was an unnamable colour (which was eventually named flimflam), and the waist-high grass within the palisade appeared to not have been touched by human hands before, but other than that, nothing else seemed out of the ordinary.
  • stepped into the palisade, when the sky suddenly darkened as red lightning arced across it. When the thunder cracked, four githyanki warriors suddenly stood around the party members, waving their silver swords threateningly at the adventurers as they try to communicate.
  • ended negotiations with the warlock being held at knifepoint and the party being forced to step out of the palisade, through the strange portal membrane that had developed around the gates. The warlock was last, and the githyanki demanded that he remove his backpack and leave it behind. He refused, and as he tried to Fly out of the portal with his backpack, they knocked him unconscious.
  • fell through the portal membrane and landed in a garbage dump in the middle of Sigil, the City of Doors. The warlock was thrown in shortly after falling unconscious, and when the wizard brought him back to life, the former realised that his near-death experience has granted him the ability to Misty Step through the Shadowfell once per day.
  • stole a lume from a bunch of ragpickers who were passing through and, using that lume, bought some clothing that would allow them to better fit in with the natives. However, their naivety and accents still marked them as Primes clear as day, and they found it difficult to find anyone who would take them seriously.
  • obtained directions to Fanny's Flophouse in the Lower Ward from Em, a minotaur of the Fated faction who runs a pawn shop. Outside the Flophouse, they met The Guy Who Sells Mystery Meat Outside Of Fanny's Flophouse, a guy selling mystery meat skewers (along with a side of free information) for 2 lumes each.
  • went up two floors in a tenement building, in the process encountering a door barred by seven bloody spiked chains, a door with a golden frame, a door made of bones, and an ordinary door marked in Common, Abyssal and Undercommon advertising it as the entrance to Fanny's Flophouse
  • met Fanny, a succubus who runs a flophouse for clueless adventurers like the party. In exchange for going on at least one quest per month - during which Fanny will keep all the money the client is offering, but the party will have salvage rights to anything they can legally find - the adventurers will have their own room complete with bunk beds, personal chests, and a common table.
  • heard Fanny's three rules: do not disturb or ask any questions about the neighbours, keep it quiet between 10pm and 6am, and under no circumstances bring any religion into the apartment. Breaking any of those rules will see the party kicked out of the apartment immediately.
  • got their first quest from Fanny: thirty days from now, Fanny wants a certain stone flute taken from Pandemonium in Limbo. She does not care what happens to the flute, only that it's gone from the place. She does not know how to get to Limbo: that's the party's job to find out, but if they wanted to, they can start at the Hall of Records in Clerk's Ward.
  • understood that there are a few places they can visit if they wanted to make some cash: the Civic Festhall in Clerk's Ward (where talented musicians can perform), the Great Bazaar in Guildhall & Market Ward (where the Debtor's Pole is a reliable source of income), and the Black Sails tavern in the Lower Ward (where musicians can play for money as long as they're prepared to physically defend themselves)
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