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Tuesday Campaign

Last Monday, the party...

  • received a bird from the Feywild saying that the tree is calling in its favour: Rhys must remove the white oak tree in the keep's courtyard and, in its place, plant an acorn that the bird has brought with it.
  • managed to remove the tree without rousing too much suspicion, but ends up killing the original tree in the process. This they sell to Tyd for 60gp and a pearl worth 100gp, that he might use the tree's heartwood to make a handle for his hammer.
  • planted the acorn in the place of the tree, which then started growing extremely rapidly. It took no more than thirty minutes to reach the size of a young adult oak, and continued to grow until it was soon threatening to burst from the courtyard.
  • noticed that the tree has white flowers with silver inner petals. Luna has heard this tree described in some of the Wilders' journals in the past, and Myxis knows nowhere else on the Prime Material Plane does this tree grow.
  • asked Egoveus what they can do to help. The wizard tells them that they can either stay to prune the tree to make sure that it does not grow too much out of hand, or that they can go find out more about this tree and its properties.
  • chose to do the latter, and travelled south to Islington to buy some winter clothes and other supplies. Rhys overhears two people talking in the streets - something about "the target the Order is seeking has been found a mile north of here, but the target may not remain stationary for long" - and decides to tail them.
  • tailed the people to a tavern known as the Silent Mistress, where they realised that the people they were following are not human at all: to identify themselves, they have the ability to peel their faces away to reveal a writhing organic matter beneath. There are three of them, and they apparently have the ability to telepathically communicate with each other.
  • failed to see the contents of the note detailing where the target has been located, and eventually decide to give up their hunt for this mysterious Order and their target.
  • made their way back to Northreach without much incident, save for a short detour where they found the hilt of a rusted sword at the bottom of a pond. Mukah is currently carrying the useless hilt. Try as they might, they will never find the pond ever again.
  • realised that something is very wrong with Northreach keep...
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