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Sunday Campaign

Last week, the party...

  • snuck into the city of Yus through the way of the sewers, where they found an outpost that belonged to the Thieves' Guild. After triggering some traps, they manage to charm their way into the waiting area, where they eventually manage to get a meeting with a guild representative.
  • got the representative to agree to a deal: in exchange for the use of a hideout and for smuggling their drow companion into the city, they will perform two tasks for the Guild: the first of which is entering a party that the Baron is throwing and stealing the prized necklace off his favourite daughter, Anastasia.
  • made their way to the safehouse, where a series of unfortunate events forced the drow druid to fight a small patrol of city guards. The fight escalated, and guards from other streets were eventually drawn into the melee.
  • found themselves cornered, with no way to escape. Only the fighter made it out alive, and only by the skin of his teeth. Returning to the Guild, he tells them that he is unable and unwilling to complete the rest of the mission, and returns the safehouse key to them before leaving Yus for good.

The party is now made up of:

  • Flynn the Tiefling Fighter (Nicholas), the sole survivor of the aforementioned incident. Carrying the weight from both the death of his friends and the hefty debt he owes the Thieves' Guild, Flynn now travels to try and free himself of both burdens.
  • Bim the Dwarven Cleric (Ammon), the sole survivor of his temple's massacre. The sight of his temple burning - and his former friends rising from their shallow graves - still haunt his dreams, and he has sworn an oath of vengeance on the necromancer who has done this terrible thing.
  • Arctic the Warforged Barbarian (Byron) was a prototype Warforged who has the ability to not only tap into deep reserves of emotions normally inaccessible to the Warforged, but to also manifest them as actual forces in the world. Driven by curiosity about his strange condition, he seeks to find what makes him different from the others of his kind.
  • Primrose the Human Rogue (Ariel) was born into a rich merchant family and, ever since she was old enough to hold a knife, has happily performed wetwork for them. Seeing her potential, her father sent her off to train with the Thieves' Guild, that she may return and be better able to serve the family's needs.
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