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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...

If there's something that is guaranteed to make a party of adventurers want to investigate more, it's an obstacle: even one as gross as a living wall of rats. Realising that the only way they're going to get into the sewers is through a cliff-side porthole, the party rents a boat and makes their way along the shore to the porthole. After climbing up a wall slippery with faecal matter and other bodily fluids, they eventually find themselves in the rival Thieves Guild's headquarters.

As they enter, a face made of twigs and dust addresses them from a magic circle on the ground: "Are you guys the new recruits? Where's your tribute?" After a bit of stammering and hesitation, the party eventually gives up half of the cursed banshee jewellery, but the face tells them that it is not enough: they were to steal 100gp worth of goods per person, for a total of 400gp, and the jewellery was only worth 100gp.


With Robert taking the lead, the party eventually convinces the face to let them into the Rat's Nest, an underground tavern located within the sewers proper. After befriending a guileless guildsman, they eventually learn that the rival guild has two factions: the original wererats, run by "the boss", and a band of yuan-ti allies, headed up by "the Baroness; but that's when she was still alive, of course. Heard that they're sending someone new from Islington to replace her".

Realising that the new Marquis may be the "someone new" that they sent to replace, the party decides to leave the place, that they may give him a proper welcome. Leaving through the doors designated for wererat ruse, they navigate through a maze of rat warrens and eventually find themselves past the living wall of rats.

After cleaning themselves and making themselves somewhat more presentable, the party travels half a day out from Saltfort and intercepts the Marquis' carriage. However, the new lord of Ald does not seem to be particularly friendly. Flanked by a huge slab of a man who appears to be his bodyguard, the Marquis cautions the new Viscount to never step foot into his city: "the Duke may have allowed you to get away with killing my predecessor, but you'll find that I am not quite so easy a target. You and your so-called knights have a day to get off my lands. Step just one foot into my city, and I will have you shot from a hundred yards, and leave your bodies out for the crows. Am I understood?"

Pissed but powerless to rectify the situation, the Viscount agrees, and the party make their way back to Northreach.


It is currently the ?? of Early Spring.

The party has ??gp, the treasury ??gp, and Mordai's chapter has ??gp.

Notable items in the Keep include:

  • Golden Bracelet: the gold of the bracelet frames a thin sheet of marble that features, in the far-eastern bas-relief style of Lacio, the scene of an archer firing a greatbow at a dryad emerging from a pond. Two symbols of Krubivax - the empty circle of the new moon, and a skull with a worm crawling out of its eye socket - appear in the corners of the scene.

Notable guests of the Keep include:

  • Nicodemus, chief steward of the keep
  • Eldraz, Borock's clutchmate who's missing both his hands
  • Tyd, the Azer smith in the keep's forge
  • Egoveus, the human wizard living in the keep's tower
  • Garle, representative of Ankers & Co.
  • Halvenpaul, widowed captain of the guard
  • Gilran, lieutenant of Mordai's chapter


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