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Tuesday Campaign

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As the party hastily leaves Goldmerrow in their wake, Mordu decides that her chances in the wilderness (as opposed to her chances with these insane people that trouble seems to follow like a bad smell) are better and takes her leave of the group once they're clear of the town.

The tiefling paladin's caution proves prudent, for within a couple of days the party come across a band of ruffians. Lead by a shirtless Dragonborn who calls himself the "Viscount of Northreach", they introduce themselves as the Knights of the Square Table from Druss and ask to travel together with the party. "We need to reach this particular river ford, you see, and we would be much obliged if you would travel together with us. The road ahead does not appear safe, and it would probably be safer for all of us to travel together."

After some initial hesitation and bartering of favours (specifically, a promise from the self-styled Viscount that he will attempt to ship and spread the sale of duskstone throughout his demesnes), the party agrees, and the large band of adventurers - leaving their respective horses and carriages behind - set off into the woods.

The first day passes without incidence, but as dusk begins to fall upon the second day, the party comes across a ruined watchtower in the middle of the woods. Something pricks the rangers' ears, and the party cautiously approaches the tower...  only to find that it was nothing but a pack of feral kobolds. It did not take long for the group to take them out, but that time was all the Red King needed to get into place.


Rising into the air, the young dragon roars its name to the world as it emerges from the woods and blasts the party with its breath attack. Half the party went down in that single attack, but their cleric remained standing, and that was all that mattered. Through the judicious application of Mass Healing Word, Gabriel brought most of those who fell in the initial attack back to their feet.

But the dragon was not quite done. Rising into the air once more, the dragon laughs and mocks the party: "Did you think that you could escape me? I am Kranarax the Red King, and I will destroy you!" With another blast of fire, the dragon brings most of the party down once again, leaving only Serrano and the Knights of the Round Table still conscious.

Seeing most of his allies down, Serrano lost it. The red mist descended, and without any care or concern for his personal safety he rushed towards the dragon, stabbing and slashing furiously at any part of the creature his cutlass could reach. With help from the berserk Borock, the pair eventually cut through Kranarax's armoured underbelly and, finally, strike the creature in its heart.

Kranarax screams in agony and collapses, its once-unshakeable confidence in its own ability to destroy these pathetic mortals finally broken. How is it possible that these worms managed to wound it such? How could these mewling babes be a match for something as powerful and magnificent as a dragon?! How?!


But Serrano was not in a philosophical mood: he was in a vengeful one. With a grim smile on his face, he plunges his cutlass into the Red King's eye. It screams a name to the sky: "Biatos!", the Red King roars. "Biatos!" The Knights of the Square Table make to stop Serrano, that they may perhaps question or even capture the dragon, but it is too late: its will to live shattered upon the anvil of agony, Kranarax lowers its head in defeat, and the Red King is no more.

In the silence that followed the dragon's death, Borock turns to Serrano and, with obvious regret in his eyes, apologises to the rogue. Before he could react, Serrano feels a sharp pain in his gut, and as he looks down, he sees Oathbringer in the Viscount's hands and about nine inches of cold, ensorcelled steel in his side.

When the party next awaken, they find themselves before the aforementioned river ford: a place of power which, Fenrir realises belatedly, transforms into a portal to the Feywild while the moon is in the sky. As Mordai unties each of them - with a watchful Robert a short distance away, Magic Missile readied should any of them try to bolt - Borock hands them their equipment before Trinity shoves them through the portal. Before the last of them go through the portal, Robert decides to give them some last-minute advice: "beware Titania!", he yells as Trinity bundles the last of them through.

Time in the Feywild behaves strangely, and the party has no idea how long they spent wandering aimlessly around before they come across a goblin who introduces himself as Squibbles, "tour guide extraordinaire". If they're looking for a guide in this alien place, he boasts, the party simply cannot do any better. All he's asking for is a moderate favour, to be called in at a later date. Fenrir decides to take on the responsibility of owing the goblin the moderate favour, and the two of them shake on it, sealing the deal.


With Squibbles leading the way, the party eventually find themselves in the beating heart of the Feywild: the Goblin Markets, a place full of arcane delights and strange wonders. As they wander through the stalls, Gabriel trades a sprite two small favours for a piece of immortality fruit (a purple peach-like fruit that regrows around its seed every night) and a mirror that shows him his true love (the mirror simply shows Gabriel his own reflection), while Fenrir trades Nys the Bowyer a large favour for the hair of a giant to string Kinslayer with.

The party finally arrives in Squibbles' tent, and the goblin breathes a sigh of relief as he closes his tent flap and lights a Candle of Non-Detection. "Look, I'll level with you guys. Truth be told, I'm not just any tour guide: I'm actually currently working for You-Know-Who". Who? "Y'know. Him. The Big Cheese? The Boss? The Living Personification of Summer?"

After a few minutes of this, they realise that he's trying to imply that he's in the service of Lord Oberon without actually saying his name: "candle or no candle," the goblin says with a wary look around him, "it's just not safe to draw the attention of those significantly more powerful than ourselves".

Squibbles lays the deal out for the party: Oberon has a job for the party, and he is prepared to not only offer them a way back to the Prime Material Plane, but also grant them a large favour in exchange for services rendered. With no other obvious way for them to return to their world, the party agrees, and Squibbles leads them out of the Goblin Market towards Summer.


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