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Tuesday Campaign

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Leaving the town of Blackspot, the party speedily continue travelling to Yaniel. Unfortunately, their journey proves to be less than smooth: a mere two days away from Blackspot, they find themselves ambushed by a band of bloodthirsty orcs who do not appear to be willing to so much as talk, let alone parley.


With some difficulty, the party eventually slaughter the orcs...  but not before the orc shaman curses them in Orcish with his dying breath. The curse spooks the party a little, but with no way to deal with it, they decide to free the tiefling woman that the orcs were holding hostage and move on. She introduces herself as Mordu of Druss, a wandering Paladin of Krubivax, and asks to travel with them to the nearest town. The party agrees, and they set off, leaving the corpses of the orcs to rot in the sun.

The rest of the way was uneventful, and the party eventually arrive at the Qadal town of Goldmerrow. Ringed by concentric thickets of trees not native to the region, the townsfolk appear friendly and welcoming at first, but something seems...  off. It's not until they visit the large temple of Krubivax in the middle of the town that it finally clicks: for the half hour or so that the party has been in town, they have not seen a single woman walking the streets.

The temple was equally strange, for not only did its altar lack the traditional bloodletting grooves that every sacrificial altar should have, the priest was also dressed suspiciously in white: a colour notorious for stubborn bloodstains. For all of its religious trappings, the temple lacked the usual smell of incense mixed with offal and burnt meat that the party has come to associate with religion, and the entire place put the party's cleric Gabriel on edge.

Cemetery 2.jpg

When the "prayer service" (whatever that meant) was over, the party approached the local priest to see if he would be of any help. Unfortunately, the tiefling's sacrilegious behaviour during the "service" made the priest distrustful of the whole party, and the party find themselves politely but firmly driven out of the temple.

Back in town, Mordu asks around for directions to a tavern, and a friendly townperson points her to a place about a half hour ride away from town. "It's the only tavern around here, I'm afraid," he says with a cheery smile. "There just isn't much demand for that sort of thing around here!" With no other choice, the party decide to follow his directions and ride out to the tavern.

The tavern appears abandoned and unused, and it took Mordu several minutes of hammering on the front door for the innkeeper to even show up. Obviously in shock from the fact that he has customers, it takes him a while to get over the surprise, but once he does, he proves to be helpful and hospitable.

The party rests up from their many days on the road, but discover to their horror that the orc shaman's curse has somehow robbed them of the ability to recover their spells. Gabriel decides to channel a portion of Cimayi's divine energy to cast Remove Curse on some of his party members, but doing this somehow causes the wind outside the tavern to rustle and shift, almost as if it was sending or conveying a message.

Within hours of Gabriel's prayer, an angry mob shows up at the tavern's doorstep demanding that the party "bring out the witch". Being one of the few female adventurers around, Mordu initially thought that they were referring to her, but it turns out that they were specifically referring to Gabriel, ordained priest of Cimayi and initiate of the First of her Mysteries.

Fire 02.jpg

As Mordu scans the crowd, her divine senses pick up something strange: the leader of the mob appears to be not fully human, but is instead a fiend in human guise! She tries to convince the mob of this fact, but without any way to actually show them the truth, her words fall on deaf ears, and they simply repeat their chants to "bring out the witch".

Fenrir eventually hits upon the bright idea of disguising himself as Gabriel (through the use of Alter Self) and offers himself up to the mob that they may burn him at the stake. While this is happening, the party gets the carriage ready, and just as they set the kindling ablaze, Fenrir immediately uses Misty Step to teleport himself 30ft away from the pyre and straight into the carriage. At his whistled signal, the real Gabriel whips the horses into a full gallop, and the party flees the creepy cult town of Goldmerrow.

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