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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...


The final battle of the Eternal War between Summer and Winter was almost upon the world, but nobody knew or seemed to care. Merchants continued to hawk their wares, thieves continued to steal, guards continued to patrol the streets, and the world carried on its business as if they were not mere feet away from certain death. 

But the party knew, and while the rest of the world slept and loved and fought and schemed, they fretted over their next course of action. Of the five, however, it was Robert who slept fretted the most, and for good reason: it was by his hand that Titania received the banner, and it is him that Titania would call upon when it came time to march upon Oberon's court. When sleep finally came, it was an uneasy one, and it was made even more uneasy when he passed through the Gate of Horn and found himself in a dream not of his own devising.

Armoured in the physical manifestation of his newfound status in sidhe society, Robert found himself in the heart of Winter, whereupon he was told that his presence - as well as that of his party - was required in the Feywild. However, Titania warned him that Oberon had been warned of his journey, and had since set ogres to watch the road. Sketching a quick bow, Robert informed his lady that the ogres would be of no trouble whatsoever, and he took his leave.

Unfortunately, the ogres proved to be more trouble than Robert had expected: within seconds of springing the ambush, Robert immediately fell into the pit dug around the portal at Hunter's Glade and proceeded to be more or less useless for the rest of the combat. By the time Robert had the bright idea to pull the stakes out of the pit and use them to climb the walls of the pit, it was too late; the ogres had pummelled the whole party into unconsciousness. Realising that he could not stand against the might of two ogre mages alone, Robert swore to find some way to retrieve his team mates before diving through the portal.


Once in the Feywild, Robert summoned his steed and rode straight for Winter, where he sought a knight that he had seen in his dream. This faceless creature introduced himself as the Knight of Wands, and told him that if Oberon's ogres had captured the rest of his allies, they would most likely now be located within Summer's war camp. However, the Knight was not in the business of charity: in exchange for the location of the war camp and a favour that one of the ogres owed him, the Knight of Wands asks that Robert speak to Titania about promoting the Knight out of her court and into the realm of the Major Arcana. The warlock agreed, and both Knights spat and shook on the deal.

As Robert rode to the boundary between Winter and the Free Marches, he was contacted once more by an old acquaintance: the Marquis of Stone. This time, however, his status in the Feywild granted him a modicum of control over the reality of the Free Marches, and he proved himself more than capable of keeping the Marquis at bay. His attempts frustrated, the Marquis switched tacks and offered Robert a trade instead: if Robert would speak to Titania about accepting the Marquis of Stone into the Winter Court, the Marquis would reunite Robert with the rest of his party.

As the details of the trade was being ironed out, the rest of the party decided to try to break themselves out of the wooden cage that the ogres were using to transport them to the war camp. Through a series of taunts and insults, Mordai managed to get Ivan and Boris to start fighting each other. The fight did not go well for Boris, and Mordai - ever the opportunist - managed to convince Boris that the only way he was going to win the fight was if he freed the party. This Boris did immediately, and together the party and Boris beat the snot out of Ivan until he agreed that "Boris not stupid, Ivan stupid".

The hierarchy of intelligence settled (with Trinity on top as the "smart elfie", the two ogres in between, and Mordai at the bottom as the "stupid hummie"), the party got Ivan and Boris to bring them to the boundary between Summer and the Free Marches, that they may escape the grasp of Oberon. At this moment, the Marquis and Robert finalised their deal, and before they were able to say a proper goodbye to the two ogres, they found themselves whisked away deeper into the Free Marches, where they found Robert and the Marquis of Stone.

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