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Tuesday Campaign

The city of Drandur is built around and into the side of a massive cliff. On the very top of Mt. Dran is Castle Wethorp, royal home to the sickly King Wethorp and the current reagent, Crown Princess Abigail. Like the rest of Wethorp, Drandur is mostly made up of humans but, thanks to the presence of the Builder's Guild (whose members are mostly dwarven), has a disproportionately large dwarven contingent.

The rest of the city is divided into two halves: Cliffside, where buildings are built directly into the face of the cliff itself, and the Undercity, a sprawling metropolis located at the foot of the mountain. Five massive donkey-powered elevators (which costs 10sp to ride) run up and down Cliffside, stopping at 24 large landings that divide Cliffside into 24 "floors". Each floor is further subdivided into a varying number of "sub-floors", which must be traversed by smaller elevators or stairs within the division.

Fenrir (Leo) is a high-elven ranger that hailed from one of the High Houses of Duskveil. With his House brought low by decadence and eventual poverty, he was reduced to hunting and selling skins just to get by. However, his extraplanar ability as a Horizon Walker attracted the Road to him, and the size of their coin purses quickly convinced him that working as a duskstone smuggler was much more profitable than simple hunting. Excellence is Fenrir's main contact on the Road.

Craghammer (Martin) is a hill-dwarf cleric of Krubivax. Once the commander of his village's militia, Craghammer was once unhorsed during an elven raid and, with his foot caught in the stirrups, would have died if his horse had not panicked and ran away from the battle to an abandoned temple of Krubivax. Seeing this as a sign, Craghammer decided to take up the mantle of self-taught priesthood. It did not take long for him to fall in with the Road and, seeing them as lost misguided souls, decided to work with them, that he may have the opportunity to save them.

Serrano (Zaki) is a half-elven rogue who learnt everything he knew about fighting from Wack Marrow, a savage halfling that he met and befriended while in prison. Through Wack, Serrano found his way to Excellence and, through him, onto the Road. On the days that he's not on the Road, he has taken up performing in the many bars and taverns of the Undercity as the infamous "masked singer". Excellence is Serrano's immediate superior on the Road.

Alistair (YJ) is a human evoker addicted to duskstone. As a wizard obsessed with knowledge, he had taken the drug initially out of curiosity, then out of a desire to pry into the dreams of the people around him. By the time he realised that he was now taking the drug just to function, it was too late: duskstone had its hooks fully into him. Although he tells himself that he can quit at any time he wants to, the truth is that his need to know means that he's not likely to quit any time soon. Excellence is Alistair's pusher.

Lia Moonshadow (Cammie) is a wood-elf fighter who, drawn by the lights and dreams of the big city, wandered into Drandur full of hope and wide-eyed naivety. It did not take long for her to stumble onto the Road and, through it, into one addiction after another. Although she's had a taste of most recreational substances, none of them quite stuck with her like duskstone did, and she now needs a dose of the drug every week just to stay sane. Excellence is Lia's pusher and main contact within the Road.

Later Event: July 6
Thursday Campaign