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Tuesday Campaign

Last week on the Tuesday game...

The party made good time from the astral portal to Duskveil, where they quickly booked themselves into the Green Dragon's Nest, a reasonably upscale tavern located on the outskirts of the city proper, in what's commonly known as the Merchant's District. However, their contact - a halfling by the name of Kip - was not there: the innkeeper told them that they were several weeks past the time for their meeting, and that Kip had since gone into the city proper to tend to some other business of his own. If the party wanted to look for Kip, they may try the duskstone den on Duke's Alley, right next to the city centre.

The duskstone den proved easy enough to find, but Kip was harder to find. The door guard confirmed that Kip had been here, but he's since left to "go further into the Machine". Confused, the party asked if they could look around, but the guard said that only paying customers were allowed inside; but if they really wanted to look for Kip, "the Dreaming would probably have the answers they were looking for". Thinking it over, the party decided to buy two ounces of duskstone - one for Alistair, one for Serrano - and go look around the den.

It was a dingy little place, full of drugged out addicts strewn around the room, but when Serrano and Alistair took their respective doses of duskstone, their world..  transformed. Space and time expanded for them, and when they next looked around, the walls of the den had grown to three times its size. It was no longer a cramped little room full of lethargic druggies, but instead, a large mansion located within the infinite grounds of paradise on earth.  

This, Alistair learnt, was the Eternal Glen, a place where each was free to pursue whatever made them happy. However, the party were not here to enjoy themselves; they were here to find Kip, and thanks to a bunch of imaginary children conjured from the desires of a nearby duskstone addict, they now knew where Kip went: into the guts of the Machine, a strange place full of clockwork devices and eldritch automatons. With Serrano and Alistair riding Craghammer and Fenrir respectively (or, more appropriately, with Craghammer and Fenrir carrying a drugged-out Serrano and Alistair respectively), the party headed out of the Glen and into the heart of the Machine.

As was to be expected, the Machine was well-guarded by its denizens, and as the party "rode" up to its boundaries, they found themselves challenged by a guard. Kip, they learn, is currently being tried for trying to destroy some artefact that he had found within their territory, but seeing how he does not have any legal representation quite yet, the guard allowed them to represent Kip as his solicitors.

Making their way into the courtroom - which was in reality nothing more than a dilapidated room in somebody's house - the party found Kip tied up in the corner while a few other duskstone users lounge around the place. Before the proceedings could get underway, however, Fenrir decided to cut Kip loose, which in turn caused the duskstoners to rise up and attack the party.

The fight proved long and bloody, but just before the party was overwhelmed, Kip uncovered a trapdoor that led them to the artefact he had discovered. Leading the party down and away from the guards, the halfling explained that the Machine was using this artefact to spread their influence across the whole of Duskveil, and as a citizen of the Eternal Glen, Kip was naturally opposed to this. As a matter of fact, he was in the process of trying to destroy this machine when the guards caught him and hauled him away.

The artefact turned out to be a divark, an ancient dwarven godmind created back in a forgotten age. As Craghammer tinkered with the machine, the party learnt that the divark had but one purpose: to store 5000 units of something in cold storage until a dwarf came along and ordered their release. When Kip learned that the party did not intend to destroy the device but were instead planning to help it achieve its goal, the halfling stormed out of there, and nothing Serrano could say or do would change his mind.

With Kip gone, the party decided that they had nothing left to lose and decided to unload the divark's inventory. That inventory turned out to be nothing less than 5000 Warforged individuals, all of whom had chosen to go into cold storage when the Runaheim wars ended. Released into a world that was strange and foreign to them, the Warforged decided that they would stay to explore and be part of this brave new world.

When the party returned to the Green Dragon's, they found that Kip had left a note with the innkeeper saying that although they did not keep their word, he would: as long as they paid the innkeeper the agreed-upon sum of money, he would have a chest of duskstone for them, but this would be the last time he would ever do business with the Road. With a heavy heart, Serrano made the exchange, and the party slowly trudged back to the portal.

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