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Tuesday Campaign

Last week on the Tuesday game...


When the adventurers awoke, they found themselves in a magically-reinforced cage with another "troublemaker": a cleric of Cimayi by the name of Kiara. With her help, and a lot of heavy lifting on the part of the dwarven fighter, the party managed to lift the cage high enough to let Qilin the gnome out. Although she managed to find the fighter's equipment and return to the cage, there was insufficient time to figure out a way to free the rest of the party: the half-orc slaver boss, with the purple eyes, had returned, and he had arranged for them to be sold off to the "Weird Ones".

Transported, cage and all, on a gigantic Tenser's Floating Disc, the party eventually found themselves in an ordinary jail cell whose iron bars did not zap them every time they tried to bend or break them. After a few careful applications of Qilin's Acid Splash and Prestidigitation, they had not only managed to free Jandar of the collar that bound his wildshaping powers, but also managed to break out of prison, in the process also freeing a grain merchant - the only sane prisoner around them - in an adjacent cell.

After discreetly killing the few guards that were on patrol, the grain merchant showed them a secret tunnel that he had seen a guard once use that lead them into the very walls of the temple around them. By sneaking around and activating a few levers inside the secret passage, they managed to separate the vast majority of the cultists from their leader before jumping him.

The fight came to a swift and violent end when Jandar, in bear form, bit the head of the head cultist off. However, like all the other cultists they had fought so far, the flesh body of the leader turned into smoke and disappeared into the ether, leaving behind a set of gold-trimmed robes that Chant quickly claimed for himself.

Fleeing back into the secret tunnels with a prisoner and a Completely Innocuous Brown Sack in tow, the party eventually found themselves in a small unnamed village about 2 days ride away from Iskar. Despite being located right in the middle of the desert, thanks to their judicious use of undead labour, the village managed to make a comfortable living for themselves by growing and selling grain.

Downtime Action

Jandar will spend time hunting for game and berries. Although he is not very lucky on the latter front - being in the desert and all - he manages to hunt down a large desert rodent that his people call a "sand rat". The rodent is large and meaty enough to not only feed him for a day, but also serve as one day's worth of rations for the trip back to Iskar. Sand rats are tough and gamey, but they keep well enough.

Hagren works for the smith as an assistant, earning 1sp and room and board for the night. Although exhausted, the dwarf spends a restless night tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed, his dreams haunted by a certain King in Purple whose whispers grow louder every night.

Qilin works at the bar as a barmaid. Although she is clumsy with the drinks and not exactly the spitting image of a buxom barmaid, the novelty of having a gnome serve them drinks earns her 50cp and room and board for the night. She goes to sleep content, if a little annoyed and disgusted at the peasants who tried to get overly familiar with her.

Kiara offers healing and religious services to the village. Although poor, the people know how to respect their priests - especially the priests of Cimayi, She of the Harvest - and she is offered not only room and board in most houses she visits, but also manages to gather together donations of 1sp.

Chant, along with the captured cultist and the grain merchant, decides to stay in a villager's barn (-25cp). In the middle of the night, he interrogates the cultist via Message about...  stuff (interrogation to be handled next session). The floor is rough and hard, but a roof is a roof.


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