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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...

Upon learning that the box could only be opened in a place where time stood still, the party knew that only one course of action awaited them: they had to enter the Feywild, secure a foothold in the realm, and try to buy Robert enough time to figure out a way to open a box.

Heading through the portal located at the bottom of Lake Lethae, they found themselves in the middle of the Feywild’s Free Marches with no path or direction to follow. It did not take long for Robert to discover that, this far away from the stabilising influence of the Courts, he could directly impose his will upon the very fabric of reality itself. However, as an untutored mortal still new to the ways of the sidhe, there was only so much he could do; he and the rest of his fellow adventurers remained very small fish in the ocean, and as it turned out, there were much larger fish circling the waters around them...

Robert's little bubble of reality quickly collapsed upon itself when the Marquis of Stone - one of the many warlords that roamed the Free Marches of the Feywild - approached the party. As a Marquis, he supported neither Titania nor Oberon, but he could feel the wild magic bound up within the box, and he knew that should he manage to get the box from Robert, he would have leverage over both of the sidhe Monarchs. However, although it would have been trivial for the Marquis to slaughter the whole party, it would still not make him the rightful owner of the box: Robert would have to, of his own free will and volition, surrender the box to him.

After some quick thinking and fast talking, Robert managed to convince the Marquis to first bring them to the part of the Free Marches whose moon phase matched the exact combination he needed to open the box. Once that was done, Robert then asked for some time to prepare himself: specifically, for fifty heartbeats of the Huntsman's heart. Not realising that the Huntsman was already dead, the Marquis agreed, and before he realised that Robert had outwitted him, the warlock proceeded to ensconce the party within a Magic Circle, thus preventing the Marquis from further interfering with them. Once he realised how he had been tricked, the Marquis then swore vengeance on Robert before taking his leave.

The conditions were finally right for Robert to open the box, and when Robert tried the combination that represented his role in sidhe society - the Three of Cups - the box finally opened with an audible click, revealing...  a small scrap of ragged cloth. It seemed strange that so many people were willing to kill and slaughter for something so insignificant, but strange though it might be, Robert's life still depended on him delivering the rag to Titania.

Before he could do so, however, the Knight of Pentacles - drawn to the party by their movement through the Free Marches - appeared before them to claim his debt. With the contents of the box safely secreted away on his person, Robert threw his coin purse into the box, sealed the puzzle box for the last time, and threw it over the Magic Circle, thus fulfilling the technical terms of his oath. With equal parts bemusement and fury in his voice, the Knight told Robert that Oberon will hear of this betrayal before riding off into a nearby portal.

There was only one thing left to do. As Robert called out to his patron, the world around the party shifted disconcertingly, and they found themselves before Titania in the heart of Winter. As Titania took the rag from Robert's unresisting hands, the cloth shifted and elongated, shifting and growing ever more elegant by the second, until Titania was no longer holding just a rag, but a war banner that fluttered in a cold wind that nobody else felt.

Titania smiled, and her smile was like a warm hearth on a midwinter night, like a full moon on a dark night, and like a cool breeze on a hot summer's night. "We are indebted to our servant, Robert. As a mark of our favour, we will grant you the title of the Knight of Cups." Invisible hands seized the former Knight of Cups from his place in the court, and as he screamed - "My lady! My lady! I've done nothing! Please, my lady!" - he began shrinking; or, perhaps it was more accurate to say that the world shifted, and through some trick of perspective that extended beyond mere illusion, he started becoming smaller, until he was no larger than a figurine one might find in a snowglobe. Robert blinked, once, and when he looked again, the former Knight of Cups was now firmly housed within a snowglobe, his protests now so quiet that they could no longer be heard as anything but tinny muffled screams.

Turning to Robert, Titania reached out and, again, through some trick of perspective, plucked the full moon right out of the sky from beyond her window. With a delicate finger she poked the centre out of the moon, and as she gestured for Robert to hand her his hand, the shimmering band of light shrank and became nothing more extraordinary than a plain silver band. "A mark of our favour, Sir Knight. Wear it well, and wear it proudly."

With a trembling sideways look at the last person who wore his new title, Robert asked for two favours: one, that she remove the slaad eggs infecting Borock and Mordai (an act which she did effortlessly, reaching through time and space into their chests before plucking out and dropping the squirming tadpole slaadi into the snowglobe at her feet), and two, that she send them back to Northreach whilst simultaneously sending Ankers to her court. Both requests were granted, and as the world shifted around them for the last time that day, they found themselves safely back in their keep: no worse for wear, but with many new enemies made that day.

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