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Trivia Night!

This week's theme...  Food


The mighty Cookiesaurus Rex roams the halls, looking for prey... At Experience Point's Trivia Nights!

We'll be playing two games: a random trivia game from Jackbox Party Pack, followed by a localised version of Wits & Wagers. If the turnout is larger than expected, we'll form teams; otherwise, it's each man for him or herself, and the highest scorer will walk away not just with Cookiesaurus Rex, but also an XP button badge!

This event will be held every Friday until further notice, and winners will be immortalised in... polaroid form. It's not exactly song and verse, but it's close enough for this decadent age. Entry is $5 per person, with an option to stay on till closing if you want to play some boardgames with awesome people.

Note: you will require a smartphone with a 4G connection in order to take part in the first round, with Jackbox Party Pack. Don't worry, only a tiny amount of data will be used: you'll still have enough for your Korean dramas.

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Later Event: July 25
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