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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...

When the party returned to Northreach, they found Ankers waiting for them: partially because Robert was late with the troupe's payment, but also partially because he had some interesting news that he was keen to try and sell. After a bit of bargaining - and a reminder that Robert has yet to live up to his end of the deal, to bring Ankers into the Feywild for an audience with Titania - some gold exchanged hands, and a deal was struck.

Ankers told the party that, while he was practising in the woods one day, he had overheard a conversation between two fey. In between a bunch of other inconsequential gossip, they also mentioned how a Knight was not only preparing for an expedition into the Prime Material Plane, but was also specifically headed to Northreach to destroy "one of Titania's lapdogs".

Realising that the portal the Knight was taking would only open during the full moon, they realised that they had about two weeks to prepare for the Knight's arrival, and they decided to spend that time travelling to Robert's birthplace, that they may find his starsign and hopefully use that to help him open his puzzle box.

Along the way, the party encountered two banshees that were strangely familiar. After their deathly wails caused half the party to drop almost immediately, Trinity - even though it went against the vow that she had sworn to Cracix Impetous - decided to try and parley with the creatures instead; and, surprisingly enough, they were willing to talk. A couple of hags had stolen the banshees' "babies" (whatever that might be), and after Trinity swore to return their babies to them, the banshees let the adventurers go in peace.

The next day saw Trinity leading them into yet another ambush: this time involving a hunting pack of three manticores. The party however proved to be more than capable of taking on these beasts, and after a brief fight they harvested enough venom and hide from the corpses to give Eldraz a new set of hands (though they still lacked fey steel, 300gp, and a proper handle for Tyd's hammer).


The rest of the journey was uneventful, and they eventually arrived at the remote temple of Cracix that Robert was raised in. After a little mess involving the bell and Mordai trying to sneak in through the backdoor, the priests were eventually coaxed into opening the front door after the Baron took credit for fighting off the manticores. In the fortress temple, as they were getting their wounds dressed and treated, Trinity began asking around to see if any of them knew anything about Robert's arrival in the temple. Unfortunately, it seemed that the former head abbot had long since passed on, and the current priests barely know anything about Robert's stay in the temple so many years ago.

As they were about to leave, however, the head abbot managed to dig up an athame that was left in Robert's cradle on the doorstep. The abbot warned the Baron that the dagger was evil, but after Borock swore to return the dagger "after their investigations were done within 90 days", he grudgingly agreed to let the party take the athame away with them.

Returning to Northreach, the party found themselves at an impasse. Unable to convince the wizard to join them in the defence of the keep, they decided to meet the Knight at the portal instead. Trinity and Mordai made camp a short distance away, within bowshot and shouting distance, while Robert waited right outside the portal with the two other Dragonborn.

It was midnight when the Knight finally appeared, armed in the same golden spear and breastplates that the Huntsman's elite guards wore. However, unlike the Huntsman - who had invaded Northreach with a small army - the Knight of Pentacles came alone, cloaked and armoured in supreme self-confidence. His full-faced helm betrayed neither emotion nor intention, and when he spoke, the wind and the leaves of the nearby forest spoke on his behalf.

Although the Knight was girded for war, he seemed more than happy to speak to Robert, from whom he demanded one of four things: to either swear allegiance to Oberon, to rescind his title as the Three of Cups, to return the slaves that they had stolen from the Huntsman's camp, or to give him Borock and Cariel in exchange for the slaves that he had stolen. Robert said that none of these were acceptable terms, and instead asked if the Knight was interested in the puzzle box.

This seemed to stop the Knight in his tracks, and when Robert threatened to stab the puzzle box with his athame, just to see how he would react, the Knight - moving faster than they could see - quickly shattered it, destroying the one item that linked Robert to his childhood and possible birth parents.

Eventually, Robert managed the trick the Knight into a compromise: in exchange for leaving them alone for two more weeks, Robert appeared to offer him the contents of the box but was, in actuality, pointing at the contents of his coin pouch when he made the offer. The Knight agreed, and the party was safe for two more weeks...  provided that Robert managed to figure out how to open the puzzle box by then.

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