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FATE- Unknown Armies

There's something wrong with the world, and you know it. The colour has been bled from the television set of life, and no matter how hard you hit it, no amount of percussive maintenance will fix this glitch in the system; because something is wrong backstage, behind the scenes, behind the set dressing that is this world, and you're the only one who can fix it.

Well, almost the only one.

But the others don't know the Truth like you know it. Oh, sure, they may walk the walk and talk the talk, but they don't know the secret names of the streets that you pass each other on. They don't know the three ways to burn a demon's eyes out, the four ways to break a man's hand without touching it, the nine words you must say when stepping on a crack to avoid breaking your mother's back. They scratch at the surface of reality and think themselves kings, all the while ignoring the sickly-sweet stench of corruption that rots and festers beneath the space-time skin of the universe.

Not you, though. You will make a difference. You will find the source of this corruption, and you will drain the abscess that has formed within the wound in reality. You will drink deep from the well, and with the power that you will gain, you will Make Things Right once more. The Invisible Clergy calls, and you will answer their call with fire and lightning and a hundred thousand lives screaming at you for salvation.



  • XC
  • Cammie
Later Event: May 9
Tuesday Campaign